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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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  2. Speaking of which, my mate is running a queer k-pop club night in Manchester in August, and he’s let me curate the majority of the playlist-and it is of course mostly SM.

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  3. Me curating a Kpop Night:

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  4. Me curating a K-pop night

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  5. He


    Hope their new contract includes at least 6 months of holiday, at the start. TWICE deserves a break, if they want it.
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  6. This makes me happy
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  7. Good for TWICE but I really hope they had some negotiation power with how long they've been with the company.

    This Le Sserafim news is just sad.
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  8. "Each member's solo and unit activities" reads as if all 9 of them are either debuting solo or taking part in a sub-unit. I don't think it is realistic but it would sure be a lot of fun! Though I don't know if the world is ready for a God Jihyo solo.
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  9. Not so fast... a full English album is on the way ddd.
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  10. Why do I think Jeongyeon will get shafted with just an OST?
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  11. I really wish places would play K-Pop or even have K-Pop nights. I've never found one near me. I also probably would be scared to go. LOL.
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  12. Stan Twitter was a mistake… they’re just way too giddy with this information of some pre-teen’s transgressions and troubles.

    It’s very weird to see a big company roll out information in such a he-said-she-said way and at this point I don’t see it ending well for Garam at all.
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  13. Even Laboum outsmarted Hybe omg

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  14. All the disgruntled Buddies @ HYBE/Source

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  15. Phew Jinyoung's weave looks decent. I was worried for a bit.
  16. A K-Pop gay night without this mega bop is pointless.

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  17. Oof! Her Roller Coaster is coming!
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  18. You know for all the scandal…
    They’re still doing pretty well…
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