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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. The first two members of MLD entertainment’s new girl group •Lapillus•

    2008… fff
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  2. Sounds promising!
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  3. I actually can't unsee this now after you said it.

    It's kinda weird just how much 5 member Le Sserafim match up with Red Velvet's members.

    Irene & Sakura: the oldest and most popular members. Known for their visuals and definite stan attractors to the group. Seulgi & Chaewon: the lead vocalists who are outstanding performers and probably the most distinctive members visually. Wendy & Yunjin: the main vocalists who have both lived in North America and are fluent in English. Joy & Kazuha: unknown pre-debut but both have major star quality that garnered them popularity from the outset. Yeri & Eunchae: cute maknaes who are that bit younger than the rest of the group.

    This literally follows the exact same age order and the first three members in both groups were known and promoted before they debuted, while the younger two weren't.

    Yes I have read into this way too much lmao.
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  4. Twitter's response to this performance is so... like idk if Garam can return to that since the fandom seems to be totally done with her if the western fans are anything to go by.

    The disposability of idols will always bum me out, like it always irks me when the other members basically have to un-person that missing member from their canon. Even when they leave for like totally amicable reasons.*

    That being said groups that have names alluding to the number of members always end up losing a few omg... Le Sserafim might've been a little more subtle about it but they didn't escape the curse.

    *situations like Seungri etc are not included in this sentiment, just in case that needs to be clarified
  5. This made me notice how odd numbered groups’ choreography always looks better.
  6. I'm so sick of kpop lore anyway, so i really don't care about the concepts. Just serve me choreo, hooks and looks and i'm happy.
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  7. I immediately thought of F-ve Dolls when I read this dddddd
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  8. Right, I just found that trend to be aggressively inevitable ddd.

    When K-PJ releases its' own nugu group, we'll avoid those kind of group names cause we know better!!

    Yeah for sure, it's easier to place your centre and get that symmetry going around them? For me, that's preferable.

    I guess the benefits of an even numbered group is being able to pair everyone off so there isn't too much of a 'centre syndrome' but kpop has never cared about that so...
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  9. It’s a complicated situation but it must be so surreal to have trained for years, get to debut for one month and have all that pulled from under you before you even turn 18. I don’t think she can ever work in entertainment again, at least not as a public face, and all this was because of how HYBE handled it, considering she’d have no power to respond, as a minor in their care, she was just doing what they told her to do.
  10. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Can I also offer you this age difference calculation?

    Irene and Yeri = Sakura and Eunchae = 8 years
    Seulgi/Wendy and Yeri = Yunjin and Eunchae = 5 years
    Joy and Yeri = Kazuha and Eunchae = 3 years

    Chaewon is the only outlier, but she also matches up with Seulgi in being the best dancer of the group (for idol choreography at least) and the lead vocalist.

    Irene = Sakura = face of the group, visual
    Chaewon = Seulgi = best dancer, lead vocalist
    Yunjin = Wendy = main vocalist
    Joy = Kazuha = stunning visuals that attract international fans, "rappers"
    Yeri = Eunchae = the cute maknaes added last minute to give some Youth to the group

    So yes I've also extensively thought about this ddddddddd
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  11. Okay this is actually way too much of a coincidence ddddddd

    Plus both groups started out with scandals during their debut (Red Velvet's whole controversy with the Happiness MV).

    Was this HYBE's plan all along? For Garam to get kicked out and have their own literal clone group of Red Velvet.

    Can't wait for Le Sserafim's Bop Flavor to come out in 3 years time.

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  12. The prospect of Simsserafim in a few years

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  13. Psycho (an ode to Kim Garam)

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  14. This is your best post of all time.
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  15. You might still get a consolation prize.

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  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    WAIT, why wasn’t I invited?????
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  17. there's a rumor going on that Jennie is dating V, if that's true I...
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  18. Doesn’t this rumor happen every 6 months or so…
  19. aux


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