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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. aux


    I’m going to collapse.
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  2. GOT7 album out now, but video was delayed by an hour:

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  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Nawt a 3-track single album sounding like an Album of the Year contender??????? I’m not ready!!
  4. GOT7 mini is very solid, I'm so happy with it. Nanana is the weakest song but the b-sides are all so good.
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  5. This might already be the best Japanese song she’s ever put out?? The star power, the talent, THAT post chorus…she is absolutely insane for this.

    She’s also simultaneously released this, we are being fed:


  6. Come on LE 5SERAFIM!
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  7. What a good morning!

    BoA is sick for The Greatest and living up to that title. Truly a POP STAR.
    Yerin’s Highlight Melody is soothing my soul. She just gets it.
    Love the GOT7 mini! NANANA is cute but the rest is excellence.
  8. This is a god tier song
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  9. He


    BoA wow. She really cannot stop serving.

    That filter they use to make her look like an avatar might be a nice thing for Aespa to try, instead of the current aes and their jerky moves.
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  10. BoA is a legend, a queen, the moment, always.
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  11. “New” Brave Girls

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  12. Not BOA coming out of nowhere and showing the lessors how's its done. Talk about flawless.

    GOT7 mini is a revelation. Sure they can do the cute ditties like NaNaNa on the first half. Then the second half showing their mature side. Sophisticated, melancholic, deep. Don't Leave Me Alone comes through and sends that's message with a wallop. The guys towards the end had me in tears. Beautiful!
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  13. what about when 9Muses only had 4 members at the end.

  14. waittttT. not this being really good too
  15. This looks/sounds great!

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  16. That BoA track is almost suspiciously good when you think about SM’s track record of Japanese releases in the past few years…
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  17. He


    Dddd I’ve loved all of BoAs recent Japanese output.

    This one clearly got some extra coin though.
  18. Not to mention Red Velvet’s Japanese material is almost entirely perfect, especially Bloom’s new material teebs.
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