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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Life Goes On was a Korean single and also similarly plodding but that went to #1. I would've thought the significance of getting them to #1 for the last time before the hiatus would not be lost on them. Maybe they're just exhausted at this point, they've got nothing left to prove.
  2. I think their long break after Butter made them lose some buzz but mostly what Glitterizer said. If it was a huge pop single in english and with choreography I'm sure they would have a chance at #1. They also seem to not care this time: no big TV slots, no alternate versions of the MV, remixes, etc. Life Goes On was after Dynamite, they could have released anything then and it'd have been #1.
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  3. I don’t know about your territories, but My Universe was inescapable here in Southeast Asia (great track too, isaidwhatisaid) so I’d actually say it’s a mix of them being a bit overexposed and the new song not getting as much of a push.
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  4. Hmm… I might have to stan a tad.
    Better yet, dance trot!
  5. Yoongi <3
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  6. I hate you.
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  8. Ddddd if this was the case maknae line shippers would have made it awkward for the maknae line to be around each other like Larry shippers did with Larry and a lot of them are reincarnated.

    This is lighthearted by the way I’m not salty don’t come for me please nn.
  9. He


    I have no idea what any of this means, but I believe you.
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    We can do it on the floor!
    Let it go just blow away!
  11. aux


    Beyond what everyone has already said about the song, if memory doesn’t fail me, Billboard changed a lot of their rules earlier this year in regard to digital sales (which have been the main reason as to why ARMY managed to snag #1s in the US with proper organisation). I don’t remember which song it was, I believe “Butter”, but it was essentially being out-streamed by every song in the Top 10 and still managed to stay in the #1 spot because of digital sales (an outdated format that is rarely used to buy music these days).

    The biggest change with Billboard is that now bulk buying digital singles has been completely banned. Now, only one sale of a digital single is allowed per week from each account. There are also some rule changes around remixes, but I believe their new single does not have a remix yet. They essentially banned those cheap remix bundles that had four to eight versions of the same track from counting in the charts.

    Also, as @thommyh said: “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” is the best song of all time. Kate Bush sunbaenim you will ALWAYS be famous.
  12. Thinking about how Orbits were telling each other to d*e because Jinsoul's comeback photos got more likes than Choerry's... when BTS' solo numbers start getting compared, the ARMY infighting is gonna be crazy...
  13. I can be ZERO, I can be ONE
    I can be ZERO, or I can be ONE
    I can be ZERO, I can be ONE
    I can be ZERO, or I can be ONE
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  14. They are talking about the scores this will receive if it makes the next Boys Rate (Just kidding, it’s cute sksjdk)

  15. A little obsessed with this chorus!

  16. The mini is here as well
  17. This "Natural" snippet... I'm bopping! It sounds like it may be "Bewitched" or "Moonlight" of this mini aka the standout bside that I'm going to summon a MV and an English version for!!


    "Villain" is solid. Not as instant as their previous comebacks, but that's also because it takes a while to properly take off. No matter what style they tackle, I like how they consistently sprinkle some spookiness on it.
  18. PIXY’s new song is incredible. Most exciting lady nugus in the game, I fear!
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  19. Danger by woo!ah! has really grown on me.
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