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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I love that most girls decided this summer was going to be a chill, relaxed one. Well except K**1*r.
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  2. Still keeping optimistic re ITZY, but it really does sound a bit rubbish, as was Loco unfortunately. I feel like they were on such a winning streak and now we’re…here?
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  3. Loco is ITZY's best title track, I think everyone was just so prepared to hate on them that they never gave it a chance, but it is really their greatest. It's up there with Wannabe & Dalla Dalla.
  4. The ITZY preview is probably just the post-chorus so I’m really not worried. And this may be controversial, but their best title track is Not Shy.
  5. I truly thought the last 2 songs Itzy put out; Weapon & Voltage, were 2 of their best so I was incredibly excited for this. But, yea..
  6. The ITZY track, wow. I am trying to remain optimistic, but JYPE is truly making it hard for me
  7. ITZY were pretty much bulletproof in 2019-2020, so it really is a shame how 2021 went for them, but let me remain positive about this comeback.
  8. These are all the Galactika-produced title tracks, and Sneakers is as well, based on the album credits… but that doesn’t make me any less nervous yet.

    I was down in the trenches when Ms. Hudgens released her footwear-themed opus, so I suppose this won’t be anything I haven’t survived once before.
  9. Unfortunately people from GALACTIKA only wrote lyrics, and some Swedes wrote and arranged it so
    basically what we gonna do is.................................who knows huh #PutUrSneakersON

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  10. Put my sneakers on….

    No, please stop.
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  11. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Apparently midzys are theorising that the Sneakers thing is a #prank and they seem to have solid evidence for it so we'll see

    But even if that is true I mean ddddddd not the most interesting marketing strategy
  12. I really wish I agreed with this! It’s a firm 5-6 compared to Mafia/Wannabe/Not Shy’s 10s. Fingers crossed the new title track slaps me up, the early promo looked so mature and regal so…we shall see.
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  13. Me when Chromatica dropped.
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  14. What’s the evidence?
  15. Wannabe was the last decent title track ITZY released. I never bothered with their b-sides.
    Their debut was fine but this sounds like K-Pop AOTY material.
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  17. I know we all clown Super Junior but I looked it up and they still shift around 500k copies each album?? No wonder they keep getting comebacks and SM just give them free reign with their own sublabel. They’re set for life being male idols even after all the scandals, it’s scary.
  18. Sounds like the best they’ve done since Wannabe, I like it.
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  19. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Super Junior has had a big and dedicated fanbase for a long time. I like making fun of them because I mean... most of them range from annoying to deplorable, but their power as a group is truly impressive. I think they are also still one of the most liked groups in Latam, especially among the people who have been kpop fans for a while.
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  20. Sneakers is making Vanessa Hudgens sound like Mavis Staples.
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