K-Pop (General Discussion)

My southern hemisphere ass putting all these songs away in a playlist for... *checks notes* December

Us, currently in rain season when either Loveade or Last Sequence comes on shuffle
Just listened to the VIVIZ mini and streets are saying Charli Taft and Daniel Obi Klein are the new Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
I mean, dog whistles are absolutely a thing, but they also say a lot about the person who's picking up on them so...
I know everyone’s dragging me for bringing it up and I expected that, but ever since the chat room scandals and the 9MUSES interview, I realized this is how men are like when they think nobody’s watching and I don’t like it when female idols pander to them. I don’t like straight males winning sorry!
I was told to stop but here’s the receipt.

this seems to be a program with the concept of an arts school, not dissimilar to Knowing Brothers concept of being a school classroom. So when you book it for promo you go with the concept.

It is a Thing in Korea... we all know this.

Anyways, SM making Aespa have promo singles is surprisingly annoying. I love Illusion but lets get onto the main course.