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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Girls is amazing, talented, brilliant etc.
  2. Sugababes fans in 2008

  3. Girls is the first song of theirs I liked on first listen. Everything else had to grow, this one I liked straightaway.
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  4. Love the Aespa album. The only reason I can think of not having Next Level on here is maybe a rights issue, or it’s numbers on the single are still healthy enough it doesn’t need to be on here?

    I’m less fussed about English versions of songs. Can we put those on a different album?
  5. Girls is definitely giving grower vibes, which I felt with Savage too so I’m not too stressed about it nn. Lingo is masterclass and exactly what I wanted from them though, ICU is the sort of SM euphoric b-side that stays with me like Oh!GG’s Fermata, I’m delighted!
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  6. Kind of obsessed with Girls, it's a riot. They really are them girls.
  7. Oh they're taking it. In high fashion! Ahhh not Black Mamba unnie returning and DYING!!!! Girls sounds like it's gonna be a future classic...also not miss Ryan S. Jhun and his friends snatching an aespa track, no wonder it sounded more instant than their previous titles. Let's SYNK Dive into the album now

  8. Lingo and Illusion are IT. I like Girls too! The whole album is very good teebs. I still can’t believe I’m an aespadrille after all the shit I’ve said about them.
  9. Lingo makes me think of that country Itzy song but done right.

    Girls isn't what I expected, it's like Dreamcatcher meets BlackPink in the middle of Kwangya.
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  10. aux


    I’m saving up for a mortgage to buy an apartment in KWANGYA City because I love “Girls” and the rest of the mini. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed “ICU” , it’s gorgeous. “Lingo” threw me off at first with the country influences but it’s fantastic and I really dug the whole thing.
  11. Girls is fucking amazing. Wow!
  12. Girls, Illusion and Lingo are all 11 out of 10s to be honest. I am obsessed with the Girls in particular, the electro guitars, that bonkers instrumental bridge.. yes gimme more.

    The only criticism i can level at this album is this: While Life is too Short and ICU are great pieces of girls stepping out all this Kwangya stuff and serving, i can’t help but wish another banger/ or RNB masterpiece to close out the record. I needed another perfection as Lucid Dream.
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  13. Completely obsessed with Girls. Their best song!
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  14. I can’t get over the singing on Girls. These girls went off.
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  15. Ahhhhh I just snatched early access tickets to Sunmi in Offenbach, the way I'm gonna kick all the teenagers out the way. I'm so excited because I Feel You is actually the song that properly got me into K-pop, it feels right!
  16. Had to pull up the official lyrics because I thought Karina name-dropped D*n*ld Tr*mp in the second verse


    Anyways I bop! The Karina belt at the end? Very scrumptious.
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  17. Fjfjakkdks same but then I remembered Bekuh Boom didn’t work on this song <3
  18. Bestie, SUJU’s new song doesn’t drop for a few more days…

  19. We them City Pop girls
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  20. This is their ‘Independent Women Part 1’ tbh
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