K-Pop (General Discussion)

A change is being made on the Hanteo Charts!

Lots of people recently have been calling out the cheaper "jewel-cases" or "digipack" versions some groups have put out (I imagine mostly BGs, but otherwise the likes of Kep1er, WJSN, fromis_9 & aespa for GGs as well) and how it inflated the sales (I don't know the whole thing, but I did see mentions within the K-Pop sphere about how WJSN and aespa's first day sales were pretty much evenly split (~50/50) in terms of the more expensive (normal) vs cheaper (jewel/digipack) version, whereas a group like Kep1er had a bit more of a healthy ratio).

I wonder what's the end-goal here. I imagine the amount of copies sold (even if the ranking is based on a score/index) is still going to be the main takeaway of the charts for 90% of the people who care about or look at these things, and so I can't see companies stopping jewel/digipack/kihno/what not versions when it, at best, can help really inflate the sales "positively" or at worst ... allow the fans with not as much of a budget to actually support their favorite artist (and thus helping out on the sales too at the end of the day). I guess we'll see how things evolve.

I suppose...musicshows wins might be the angle here?? But the weight of the physical categories on most musicshows is relatively small in comparison to the rest, so like...is that really going to change anything?

Why not just make it a box office chart at this rate.

I don't like companies purely putting out trash (I think one bts album was legit printed on newspaper??) but jewel cases and digipacks are normal? When you buy a 'fancy' album often the actual cd comes in a cardboard slip.
Speaking of Mother Hyolyn, she linked up with fellow Queendom victims VIVIZ for a cute video.

Lord, please let her do at least one video with Seventeen next week.

I will even check out your 2nd album repackage as a thank you!