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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.



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  2. Forever 1 sounds like a Girls Generation Best Of compilation with all new tracks. Definitely their best Korean release!
  3. They’re so beautiful!
  4. FOREVER 1 is a really good album. Besides the title track, You Better Run and Paper Plane were immediate standouts. They really did that.
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  5. SM’s KWANGYA Song Camp wrapped up whatever project they’ve been producing…
    We don’t actually know what the project is yet, but there’s overwhelming evidence that it’s a WayV comeback…
    Here’s JeffreyTheKidd celebrating with WayV leader Kun…
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  6. I love Love You Like That! Song of the year me thinks.
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  7. I’m happy for Sones who have waited for this so long! I really love the second half of the album — from some time in their timeline they became amazing at doing midtempos and they’re still keeping at it in the best way! Nostalgic, wistful, breezy and warm…so many beautiful songs.

    The title track…it’s not bad but I am a bit disappointed! Gorgeous use of the ITNW sample, but it feels like it’s trying to cover a lot of stuff under three minutes, the chorus metric feels so clunky when they start it…overall the production and songwriting feel dated (especially when seeing some of the comparisons mentioned here) which is kinda weird for SM, a company that positions itself as cutting edge? But maybe it was intentional considering the whole anniversary throwback context…the first half of the album gives “we are looking for demos for our new project with our LEGENDARY group – submit some stuff until the end of the month!!!” but honestly I can’t complain because the second half makes up for everything else. Anyway, it’s great to see them back!!!
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  8. I didn't really click with 'Forever 1' on my first listen, but it did get better on the following ones. I agree that it does surprisingly sound a little bit dated. Or maybe it's just the slight Icona Pop influences making it sound like it's straight out of 2012-2014. Either way, I'm fine, at the end of the day it's a grower.

    The rest of the album is charming as well, very consistent in terms of quality. It feels like a natural follow-up to 'Holiday Night' - which is certainly not a bad thing. The two downtempos in the middle are probably the ones that need to grow the most on me, but there are lots of highlights on the album.

    I'm just so happy they're all back together and to see them celebrate their 15th anniversary in such big fashion. Probably hopeless ddd, but it would be nice if they could follow this up with yet another comeback at some point in the not-too-far future.
  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    IST Entertainment, you will not be seeing heaven!!!!!!!! The way this reminded me of what happened to Yookyung, an Apink former member…….
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  10. I love every single track off the new Girls Generation album, honestly.
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  11. Forever 1 is a nice song. It isn't what I wanted but it's still a good song. Just like everyone has said, the chorus sounds very disjointed. If they built it up properly, I think it would have been awesome. Aside from that... VILLIAN.
  12. I swear i can smell the Red Velvet teasers coming.
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  13. Early September surely? They won’t put Red Velvet and Twice out at the same time surely.
  14. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    NCT 127 is the next scheduled comeback for SM. They also registered a second full album for "K" which... I guess it's Key? That should be next. aespa is coming either late October or early November, based on the girls saying today the next comeback is coming soon. So I'm assuming it's NCT 127 for early September, Key for late September, Red Velvet (or a RV solo) for early October, NCT 127 repackage for late October and then aespa early November.
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    It won’t be an SNSD comeback era without some news about Jessica FFFFFF!

    She’s gonna be in the group with Gillian Chung who is apparently the ex of Jessica’s boyfriend, Tyler Kwon. Already looking forward to compilations and edits of her and Jessica not being friendly with each other FFFFFFF!

  16. So chaotic. I love it.
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  17. Forever 1 is a good song and so apt for them. It is so amazing to see an iconic group like this, most with such successful individual careers come together and serve like that. Not going to lie, I got a bit emotional watching the music video.

    This is probably their bests album too. Freedom, Seventeen, Villain and Paper Plane are so good in particular.

    I forgot what a good singer Seohyun is. Please stop acting for a while and release another solo song!
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  18. Really enjoyed Forever1 on first listen but the line distribution is a mess. They shoulda had TTS belting the we are forever/now or never parts in the chorus to make it a real moment. The final chorus featuring DJ Hyo, Yuri, and Yoona makes no sense.
  19. We had 10 years of TTS(J) singing 90% of the songs. I like that the line distribution is fair.
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