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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Slice of Life

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  2. Didn’t expect a Key comeback! Stoked!
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  3. OH MY GOD. Not a mini?!?!
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  4. Still better than flover!
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  5. IVE, KEY, and Twice teasers at the same time? JIHYO WITH A BOB? I'll have to start estate planning for the end of August.
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  6. Best thing about that BLACKPINK tour stretching eight months is you have to assume, even with all the jokes, that they’re going to have content spanning that time apart from just this one comeback. Hoping for at least a couple and maybe even Jisoo solo.
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  7. Excited for Key. His last album is so good.
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  8. This is the coolest they've ever looked! Can't wait!
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  9. I just saw the Key announcement whilst waiting for my train and it is taking ALL my energy to not scream!!
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  10. Wait...


  11. Um…this would be camp!
  12. omg TWICE sampling/interpolating Wannabe would be the most iconic thing ever. Please please please be real

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  13. The TWICE visual already look excellent and the sheer faggotry involved with them potentially sampling or interpolating Wannabe would be too much for me to take.
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  14. He


    I’m hoping this will get a comeback

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  15. 2022 bringing back all of my ultimate my k-pop faves in some way.

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  16. Freedom by Girls' Generation is truly THAT song isn't?
    Second half of their new album is FLAWLESS.
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  17. Just need a Brown Eyed Girls comeback (no covers thanks) and 2022 would be a god tier year for k-pop!
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