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Yeah I love it! I think their capabilities are limited in some ways, so more of the same is high key more than enough for me. The video is breathtaking, the Rihanna sample is cute, the little 2NE1 nod in the outro, Jennie in a Man United top? I’ll take the lot!
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There's something so off-putting about the commercially biggest girl group in the world to be managed so half-assedly. No artistic vision whatsoever... just a glorified advert for the girls to get their sponsorships and that's that. You see the money, but where's the soul? I think both the fans and Blackpink themselves deserve better.
This part.

The Blackpink machine is only incidentally about music at this point, it gives them a raison d’être so they can further their brand relationships, which I suspect is where YG is making most of their money with the group.

There’s no artistic risk to be taken, because why rock the boat when the established formula already works? Create scarcity by releasing once a year (or less), pop out another Teddy plug-and-play production, the fans are just glad to have you back, collect the brand endorsement cash, rinse and repeat.

I was listening to 2NE1 with some friends who fell out of the scene after 2nd gen, and I was struck by how, even though 2NE1 had a very cohesive sonic palette, their titles were never as aggressively routine as Blackpink’s have become. You can’t write a formula for how a 2NE1 chorus is going to be structured.

And that makes me sad, because we’ll never get something as fresh as, like… their I Love You.
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Yeah I totally get where people are coming from with it being predictable and following the same formula, but I think this might be one of their most instant songs for me

The video is absolutely stunning and I cannot get the chorus out of my head. It's a bop!
You guys waited two years for this?

I think there is a difference between Sunmi’s releases that sound mostly different despite being thematically the same to Blackpink - save a few outsiders (As if it’s your last / Ice Cream and their album tracks) who have multiple comebacks now that sound exactly the same sonically, with similar structures, lyrics etc - it sounds almost AI generated at this point. Hopefully the album has some gems because I think this is a bit ‘whelming’ and this point in their career.

The only other group I know that kept things so sonically similar through multiple releases is Momoland?