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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I’m hoping Key’s album will be more in the vain of Pink Tape in terms of packaging cause I don’t need to be having regrets about ditching my VCR in 2011. Recently I’ve been having thoughts about getting audio setup with a cassette player just so I can listen to the cassette 1 of 1. However in terms of my physical K-Pop collection I can count it on one hand.
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  2. It’s worth keeping in mind that you’re essentially paying deluxe 2LP prices for an EP on vinyl (which is the typical length for most K-pop minis). But then again they’re all imports from Korea unless they have a US label like Monsta X, NCT or Blackpink which brings the prices down. I got the Blackpink vinyl for $10 from a Target sale last month ddd.
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  3. ohnostalgia

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    I really don’t think I paid more than $30 USD for it (unless I’ve suppressed this from my memory). The Shawol discount on Ktown4u is 40% off. Of course there was also the shipping and stuff, but that’s to be expected from an import and I don’t count it when thinking of cost comparisons to other vinyls. I was thinking of the price for the vinyl itself without anything else considered.

    I found the BP Vinyl in Canada, but I think I had to pay more than what you did. Not by a huge amount though.
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  4. It’s no Would You Run.
  5. I'm so hyped for Key's second album. Bad Love was a good mini but FACE still remains as one of my favourite k-pop releases.

    I know he'll deliver nothing but excellence once again.
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  6. I don’t know better rookies:
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  7. Is it too early to get a Hype Boy face tattoo?
  8. I'm just now listening to the new TWICE japanese album and it's actually really good! Flow Like Waves and That's All I'm Saying are up there with their best b-sides.
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  9. waittT. my indie mom Cooing had a comeback yesterday.


  10. I pledge full allegiance to this Ningning.

  11. They’re so cute, whew. So surreal seeing them together again.
  12. The Blackpink joke in the new episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo was great!
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  13. Sounds like AKB48 to me, which is a J-Pop band so that doesn't exactly fit your criteria... however when I read the bolded part, the hook in the song below immediately came to mind. Could it be that one?

  14. He


    Ddd how could I forget that messy bop.

    I used to love this one
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  15. As for albums that aren't on Spotify, I've liked the sole album from Tashannie, one of Yoon Mi-rae's former groups. I'll also use to opportunity to recommend my favorite from Uhm Jung Hwa.
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  16. New cover for B&R on Spotify, is she preparing for part 2?

    Also re any gen 1/2 albums, can’t recommend Lee Jung Hyun’s, Uhm Jung Hwa’s and Brown Eyed Girl’s discographies enough!!
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  17. That is miles better. The original cover was such a puzzling choice considering the sound of the album and the overall look of the music video.
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  18. I much prefer the OG cover as a cover but I do think the new one matches the overall tone of the album much more.
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  19. Fuck this is it! Thank you! A huge bop!
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