K-Pop (General Discussion)

I’m kinda pissed for NewJeans who were so close to getting 2 PAKs for 2 different tracks, at least they managed to squeeze in one before Blackpink and IVE came back.
I’ve already gaslighted myself into liking the song as per tradition. But one thing that I really dislike about the Blackpink comeback is the way the music video is shot. Like all the shots change and jump around so quickly I can’t focus of any of the lewks. (Maybe that’s because from what I can see they’re not that exciting).
Listen... I almost wish they let Rosé write some bananis avocadis song and then get Teddy involved to give it their usual beat and ethnic drop™, because that would at least make their output interesting. Knowing exactly what a song is going to sound like before the teasers are even out is indeed a problem. I'm used to pYG's misogynistic ways, having been a blackjack in the trenches for years and what have you, but at least you didn't know what 2NE1 were going to give in terms of sound when they were let out of the dungeon to come up for air every seventy years. I don't think the song is bad per se, it's just that it comes from a pool where the water is drying out by the minute.

Having said that, at least you can count on the girls to serve in the video. They all look more stunning than ever. My favorite little moments were that ancient string instrument and the set with the curtains blowing in the air.

Now, IVE???? I told y'all these girls are pure faggotry. It's not even out and it already is a classic.