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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Oh and it has finally happened! REAL TIME ALL KILL!!

  3. yes.
  4. Jisoo sitting on the floor with the monstrous baby pink boots on...

    Also, IVE's "Eleven" sounds like it could be a b-side on f(x)'s Red Light album.
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  5. FINALLY!!!! We always knew they were gonna save kpop!!!
  6. The amount of excessive autotune on anyone who isn't a main vocal ddddd.... Yeonjung definitely ate.
  7. He


    It’s so unnecessary. Poor denim chicks.
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  8. Do we think that JYP has lost their reign of strongest of the big 3 over the last 2-3 years? I feel like before aespa's debut and Blackpink's rise to global stardom JYP was the strongest contender for agency. I feel like that's definitely not the case anymore. What does everyone think? Which company do you think holds the most power and prestige?
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  9. Well I mean JYP still have Twice who are still arguably the biggest girl group in Korea. They have more comebacks than most groups as well as decent sales in Japan.

    SM have definitely regained some ground though with both Aespa and Red Velvet boosting considerably in sales.
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  10. Pitch correction has gone too far in Kpop to the degree when they even process the “it’s live” series, and of course all the comments are about the amazing perfect vocals and it’s like… ms… there’s so many people who can sing great, I just wish they would just let them sing.
  11. I guess so? Although, I don't know, honestly I think right now HYBE holds the most power in the industry? I feel like it's often "left out" of the conversation (or sort of included as "only #4" in "The Big 4" behind the other three big companies we know), when truthfully, as much as we don't like to aknowledge them ddd, if we're talking about "sales" and what not, BTS alone can probably clear everybody from JYP, SM and YG (maybe even combined dd). And we're also seeing right now that new girlgroups from HYBE-adjacent-labels are also guaranteed get-go success at a faster rate than the usual JYP or SM rookies (if we're to compare both 'Attention', and I guess 'Fearless' if it counts, to debuts 'Black Mamba' and 'O.O').
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  12. He


    It’s also distracting as fuck, as it’s always too noticeable. Like why do I want to hear IU or even Taeyeon be pitch corrected so much that they don’t sound human, for these “live” specials.
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  13. I don't pay attention to the boy group side of any of the labels, so I can't speak to that part of it, but certainly (as discussed before in this thread) JYPE's creative output with their girl group releases for the past 18 months has been pretty scattershot.

    Itzy feels like they were developed pre-debut for great crossover potential with the western market, and they certainly went out of their way to make sure all the girls were well-studied in their English skills... only for their past year-and-a-half to be *sad trombone slide* in terms of the focus of their output. They haven't really gained any discernible traction here in the US, so I would argue—looking at the evidence, assuming the company *intended* to set them up as a crossover-ready group—they've been pretty heavily mismanaged lately.

    And the NMIXX debut... I don't know if I can say anything that hasn't already been said. But given the current industry climate, new groups are debuting to more immediate success than we've EVER before—from big 4 players (SM, aespa; HYBE, NewJeans and arguably Le Sserafim) and from smaller labels (High Up, STAYC; Mystic Story, Billlie; etc.) alike—NMIXX's abysmal critical reception and seemingly lukewarm sales feel like they represent an even greater flop than you might argue based on past precedent (2nd-3rd gen debuts).

    YG is a bit of a wild card in this discussion for me. Blackpink started huge and the past two or three years have only heightened what already a tremendous success, but YG sticks to their established formula aggressively and they don't (yet) have another girl group lined up to pass the torch to as Blackpink enters their sixth year. Their future success as a label is hard to predict from my figurative armchair.

    But to your original point, SM and HYBE have made incredibly strong plays in the past two years, so I definitely agree that JYPE has lost the footing they might have had. Globally, kpop's reach is growing rapidly, so simply coasting isn't enough to keep up in the industry race.
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  14. I still am confused about that NMIXX song. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why that was released.

    They’ve all got their pros and cons but HYBE are surely the one making the most money at the moment.
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  15. Looking at charts performance I'd say SM is having the best moment. aespa turns everything they sing into a hit from covers to sub-units; Taeyon had INVU; NCT are huge sellers etc.
    JYP had a rough time with Loco, Scientist and O.O all flopping. ITZY redeemed themselves with Sneakers being massive right now, Nayeon had POP! and we'll see how the actual TWICE comeback does. And now they only need to get it right with NMIXX. (I still think they debuted too early and giving them a Next Level knock off was such an awful decision). HYBE is doing well with LE SSERAFIM and now NewJeans. And YG always does well when they care to give the girls a comeback obviously.

    But if we look at numbers for albums, tours etc HYBE probably takes the crown - though I'm not sure if by a large margin now that BTS isn't really here anymore.
    SM is weird with their lack of effort to promote their acts outside of Asia but maybe they make enough money there and are happy with what they got?
    JYP did announce early this year that they would ~expand estrategic partnership~ with Republic to increase their US presence to let's hope they actually do something for the girls. A proper english song like The Feels will probably do wonders for them.
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  16. If you've never heard this, you really oughta.
  17. It's 2022 and my favorite snippet from a K-Pop album highlight is the one that goes full blown 2010 brostep ("LION"). Either I've seen the light or my brain is definitely rotten, there's no in-between.

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  18. I really thought IVE had a new member.

    Like I had to actually google and figure it out by deduction dddd, she looks unrecognizable.
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  19. Looks like Rei to me! She looks great in that shoot. I like the new hair.
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  20. JYP when someone suggests having Momo's bangs cut
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