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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Slice of Life

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  2. YAAASSSS SPOOKY QUEEN!!!! Going by the grammar employed this will be a smash. A halloween concept with a "hush rush" title? The new Rumor omg
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  3. Scream, the song descriptions are so vague they’re giving us vocal descriptions??
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  4. "Relaxed vocals" for fuck's sake... somebody got paid to write that!!!
  5. Are any of my hags going to join me in 10 minutes for EXID’s swan song?

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  7. Oh this song absolutely eats but them blurring Hani's braids in the first chorus cause it was too late to remove did make me scream.
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  8. Slice of Life

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    Limelight’s pre-debut mini album is here!!

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  9. ICONIC. Why were they blurred? I was assuming nipple show?

    I also misheard Hani’s “tootsie roll” lyric in the first verse as “PUSSY HOLE” oh dear!
  10. She had braids in that scene, and they got a lil backlash on Twitter, so they edited it out of the video.

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  11. Great pre-chorus, beautiful pre-chorus.
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  12. Eye to Eye is so good oh wow. Nugu domination is the vibe of 2022.
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  13. Eye to Eye… That is a masterpiece luv.
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  14. Slice of Life

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    FFFFFFFFFF the Korean article actually describes the songs in detail but for some reason, SM’s English translation is always off.

    Here’s a fanmade translation that is better imo.

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  15. "Lyrics depicting the gaze of the Absolute Being on the throne"

  16. Somebody had a great time at their last creative writing class dd.
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  17. Insert pictures of Chloe Bailey posing on the porcelain throne.
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  18. Try not to say mothers for 26 minutes and 2 seconds challenge:
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  19. If they had a YouTube channel I would be subscribing, pressing the bell button and all that stuff. Entertainers!
  20. 'A disco-style R&B pop dance song' This literally doesn't mean anything, I'm screaming nn. But the fact we're getting a clear indication that the majority of the mini is a dance record is blowing my mind, couldn't be more excited. Daunting vibes and drastic techno? Whew!
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