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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.


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  2. My husband and I really like Ten and Bad Bunny so that was all that made up our Spotify wrapped…
    The blueprint…
    It’s about time SM remastered this…
    Love this song so much…
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  3. 1. aespa - Illusion
    3. IVE - LOVE DIVE
    4. Billlie - GingaMingaYo (the strange world)

    1. Beyonce 선배님
    2. aespa
    4. IVE
    5. Billlie
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  4. Aight listened to both Red Velvet and Itzy’s releases. My fave girl groups both releasing the same week? YAS!

    Birthday was alright. It’s definitely got the Red Velvet charm, but I do have to say that I definitely preferred Feel My Rhythm by a large margin. As for the b-sides, they were fine? None of them really hooked me though, except for Zoom, which is probably my favourite off the mini.

    As for Itzy, it’s the opposite. I much prefer Cheshire over Checkmate! My only complaint is that it isn’t longer, kek. My favourite track is probably Freaky, though I like them all.
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  5. Slice of Life

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    ????????? YG debuting an AI instead of giving Jisoo a solo……. this is so sick!! I will kill you YG, just watch!!
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  6. Cheshire… I’m starting to wonder if JYP handling Korean and Japanese comebacks for 4 girl groups at the same time might not be a good thing.
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  7. Babe we are solving this problem in the next slasher game
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  8. Song A is hella IZONE.
  9. Lee Sooman is talking about NCT Singapore and NCT Saudi Arabia…
    He’s also threatening us with a SuperM comeback…
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  10. sdfhjbsdfsdf this is like baffling to me. I know k-pop has became really popular in the Middle East over the past few years, but I'm so curious to see how they'd handle the conservative values for this? Also kinda cracking the fuck up at the NCTizens that were dragging Armys back in the day on twitter when BTS performed there in like 2018 or whatever, yas kill each other
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  11. I'm so happy that Stayc's Poppy finally worked its way into my heart.
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  12. Every time I read something from LSM, it very much gives 'ok grandpa, let's get you to bed'. NCT Singapore, Saudi and Tokyo when they can't even manage WayV properly?
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  13. The last SuperM album was really good so that's a positive thing at least.
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  14. I think you’re giving SM a little too much credit…
    WayV’s in complete shambles; we only know that Lucas is still alive and in Korea because of a sasaeng…
    Meanwhile 127 is only fairing a little better…
    Doyoung is telling whole arenas that he’s burnt out and Taeil can barely fake a smile for YouTube content…
    We have no idea what’s going on with NCT Hollywood and it’s looking like fewer than half the members of NCT Tokyo will actually be Japanese (we don’t even know that the upcoming unit IS NCT Tokyo)…
    Dream, on the other hand, seem to be getting prepared for a meteoric rise (at least until Mark has to rejoin SuperM)…
    I hope it works out for them…
    Either way, I’m living for the mess…
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  15. Of course I decided to pick up the signed Lucas version of Super One when it came out. Sorry! My fault. But yes, that second album is still a banger.

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  16. LSM lied about NCT Hollywood, so he is lying about every other NCT.
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  17. SM has been uploading a lot of unedited SuperM content featuring Lucas on YouTube over the past 2 months or so…
    Some fans are speculating they’ll relaunch him in SuperM to gauge the public’s response before relaunching him in NCT/WayV…
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  18. SM needs to release the new Girls On Top lineup. It's been about a year.
  19. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I would like to thank Chenle for forcing Kangta to hand over the video file he hid from the remastering team!!!
  20. So while I quite like Birthday, I think the problem with it is that it sounds like a song they’d release in 2016. So when you stack it up against the more recent releases, it feels a bit boring.
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