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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I love them but we don't need to lie to ourselves. They get their ways around but 'proficient' is only Lia.

    JYP trying to make his acts break into the American market for 15 years and failing... I wonder how long it will still be entertaining to watch.
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  2. Lia is fluent and the other girls are proficient. Like Ryujin is better than the others and Yuna is probably the worst but I feel like they all can answer questions and have a conversation.
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  3. TWICE's sold out tour, top 3 album, Nayeon first k-soloist in top 10 of BB200. 1st Korean Female Act in history to debut in the year-end album chart. 2 albums in top 10 best selling female albums in pure sales in the US in 2022. Next to Taylor(4), Beyonce, Olivia, Billie & Adele, (TWICE has 2))

    They'll probably keep going forever!
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  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  5. ddd @eatyourself teaches multiple languages for a living, I think his definitions of loosely used words like “fluent”, “proficient”, etc are more accurate than most.
  6. Minho’s Mini is out now. The video will drop on the 12th.

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Not again....

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  8. He


    Poor queen.
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  9. Coming to eat in Japan as well!
  10. This song probably has the strongest pré-chorus out there. It really catches your attention, and Isa looks so beautiful in those single shots in the lockers!
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  11. I’ve been occasionally tagged in stan wars in Twitter for some reason. I say absolutely nothing but it’s fascinating to watch. They go absolutely batshit over the most inoffensive things.

  12. They're really trying to milk Orbits out before the court rules in favor of the 9 members who sued... Wow...
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  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Are Orbits supporting this comeback, unnie? I don’t really follow big LOONA fan accounts anymore (except Orrery) so I don’t know if there’s a boycott or sumn FFFFFF!!

    Anyway, I hope that we finally get LOONA’s fabled first full album before the group heads to disbandment or anything. It’s what we and the girls deserve!!
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  14. In theory, they should boycott, there's been talks of this, yeah...but we will see. Boycott plans are often empty promises. Still, I'm hoping Orbits show a strong front on this. Too many fans are concerning themselves with trivialities like "Wouldn't a low album sales count upset the girls?"....come awn. The girls are not getting paid, they're mistreated and overworked, they're basically getting threatened subtly through BBC's statements on Chuu's case ; they're clearly miserable. The LOONA instagram page looks like Hyunjin's private IG because nobody but her is posting these days. The 9 members who are sueing haven't posted a single thing on their private fan app (Fab) either. You can tell the girls do not endorse this shit, so hopefully Orbits won't either...but we'll see.
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  15. Brown Eyed Girls meeting up not once but TWICE in the past few days. The first sighting of Ga-in in 2 years... My 2nd gen heart is full.

    Ga-in attended the one on Miryo's instagram too but she was late so she's not in any pictures.
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  16. Werk Redbubble
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  17. What happened GaIn? She had a cracking solo career (the others did too but GaIn seemed to want it more)
  18. Gain has been very open about her mental health struggles (depression, anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia) in the past and was seeking medical help so that probably played a part in it. She was also caught illegally using Propofol back in 2019 (that was publicly revealed to be her in 2021) so I'm not surprised she took a hiatus.

    She is such a star and I can't wait for her to have a comeback (when she is ready to).
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