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The team behind New Jeans, damn. The ending of Side A, I almost teared up. Olivia in love4eva teas.
Song is a bop too.

The execution of this is flawless.

Edit: side B, what the fuck! The layers, the melancholy, Vivi getting a solo gig. I need to watch this again. And again.
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I think it’s a case of an unreliable narrator.

At times it feels we are seeing the camera girl’s feelings, and at times we are seeing her memories.

I think the simplest is that she ditched her besties for the boy, and in many ways that broke their friendship (her arm as a big symbol for his, she couldn’t dance / join them/ while she was with the guy, so she became their audience), her innocence lost (deer walking out, broken camera). The times she remembers as if it had all been made up, I think it’s her agony at losing her friends and tarnishing her memories of those times, maybe anger at them?
Then watching the tapes again as an adult it might mean she’s at peace with it but still yearning. Maybe I’m totally wrong ddd.

Not me analyzing this instead of working.
Reading the Dispatch LOOΠΔ article while Ditto plays in the background is kinda tough on the brain right now… making me feel so melancholy.

Like there’s really no way to be certain your favourite group is being treated well until the ball drops.

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Oh my god, I was soooo worried that Korean netizens will take BBC’s side after the release of Dispatch’s report. Thankfully they are still on Chuu’s side, at least according to the comments on this article!!
Ditto wasn’t as immediate for me as Attention and Hype Boy but I do like it…
I’m excited to see where they’ll go…
The 4th gen girl groups are too strong…