K-Pop (General Discussion)

Chaeyoung dropped 4 octaves for that rap. It’s a cute song, I like it. Not crazy about it like Talk That Talk or The Feels, but it’ll get spins.

This is sauur good.

Hanni, my sweetie


She can pull any kind of genres off isn't she? The harmony with Colde is on another level.
It's cute. I know it may be a stupid question but does this pre-release English single mean we’ll be getting the main English single or is it prerelease for the main Korean single I mean album/ep?

Looks like the same situation as Itzy's The Boys, which was a "pre release" to their Korean comeback, since their new mini is out in March.

It will probably not be in my Top 5 Twice ever, but I already like it more than "The Feels" and "Talk That Talk". I love that Nayeon and Jihyo don't sing all the chorus parts for once and that other members get to shine, too. Lastly, Jeongyeon looks stunning, the long dark hair suits her so well.