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Oh god oh no oh god…

I can smell this photo.

sdjsdfbhs the delusional damage control armys on twitter saying BTS paved the way for NewJeans. Glad to know a Korean group paved the way for another Korean group for the Korean music charts? What? Makes sense!
Huh... Excuse you? Korean charts didn't exist until June 12, 2013 when the Bulletproof Boyscouts released the holy single album 2 Cool 4 Skool.

'Then Rap Monster said, “Let there be bugs”; and there was bugs.co.kr.'
Genesis 1
As someone who has struggled to keep up with new releases from the newest generation of groups, OMG really is crazy. Ditto was weird and so effortlessly cool, but to see if they could still maintain that same vibe while presenting also straightforward pop in melody? And for them to do just that?

The original trio of singles were great and fun, but I could see, if someone wanted to be uncharitable, that the nostalgia angle to the sound felt a bit performative, like a schtick that may not stick. But each release has just gotten more and more effortless.

Everything just feels so easy and natural and cool.

I think I need to know more about this whole ordeal before I can make a proper opinion on this. I think there's some good (OT12 for starter, and just you know...activities in general for the group!!) and bad to this (UMJ already are threatening some form of legal actions, also unclear exactly how removed BBC will be from this, if BBC will keep making money out of Orbits, if there's gonna be a budget because there certainly wasn't the first two Japanese releases, etc), but essentially this doesn't seem much different to what happened with EXID when their contract ran up but they were still expected to carry on activities as a group in Japan because their contract over there was still on-going.

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