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I think I need to know more about this whole ordeal before I can make a proper opinion on this. I think there's some good (OT12 for starter, and just you know...activities in general for the group!!) and bad to this (UMJ already are threatening some form of legal actions, also unclear exactly how removed BBC will be from this, if BBC will keep making money out of Orbits, if there's gonna be a budget because there certainly wasn't the first two Japanese releases, etc), but essentially this doesn't seem much different to what happened with EXID when their contract ran up but they were still expected to carry on activities as a group in Japan because their contract over there was still on-going.

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I am basically waiting for the girls reaction to this news, because they’ve been honest so far.
GQ Korea being the only news media (aside from shit like Allkpop and Koreaboo) to report on Lucas’ return is…interesting???
This very much seems like good press for him, which I find kind of shocking…

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I wonder if SM consider GOT The Beat selling 110k so far as a flop?
It absolutely is in this current landscape of most •bigger• girl groups selling at least half a million within the first month. But then again it easily outsold anything BoA has released in the past 10 years. So I guess it served its purpose.

I think the unit can be put to rest now.
Gives us the aespa album @smtown

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New girl group already? Oh I know the Little aespadrilles will be mad (as they should; aespa only has two mini albums to their name pleek!!!!!)

But I guess we shouldn’t really take this seriously because SM has been spewing the same shit since 2021 JWHSHSHSSHSHSJJSSJ!! All talk and no action bye!!