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This is so………….
Yesterday I went to ITZY concert and it’s really great ? Maybe it’s my biased opinion because it’s my first concert and the very fun audiences, but overall I really enjoy their performances. Even songs that I don’t really enjoy, they manage to sell the fun out of it.

Ryujin is such a charismatic presence, like she is truly that chic cool girl. Yeji is an absolute beast of performer, Chaeryoung is also killing me with her performance and smile. As much I like to make fun of her, Lia is really great and has shown tremendous growth. Yuna is absolutely gorgeous and playful, just wish she goes more fiercer route for her solo because its her main forte.

All in all, 10/10 will put my sneakers on again ughh. Also pleasantly surprised with their “for fans” song Trust Me. It’s actually great, sounds like a dreamy Ariana ballad.

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SM is falling apart, announcing their restructuring to the public, Lucas is coming back, aespa is nowhere to be seen…
Scorched earth…
Meanwhile, NCT 127 somehow got the best 1st week sales for a repackage album in SM history despite a fan boycott and the album not releasing in the US until March…
This shit is bananas…
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