K-Pop (General Discussion)

Just wait till you see the names of the people who gave 10s to NMIXX songs in the #KSOTY2022 Rate kii #promo
Only because they include Jinni.

I can not stan them until I at least know why she’s left and if it was her own decision… or unless the music smacks which is highly likely.
Just caught up with BABYMONSTER. Beyond the usual YG fake and cringe "I totally grew up on ramen noodles in the projects of New York and were besties with Azealia" mannerisms (which are a given), I have to say... I loathe the fact that the singing norm now is apparently this projected and twangy Kermit the Frog bananis avocadis voice, especially when I noticed some really nice runs and belting potential on most of these vocalist girls. Chiquita in particular was hell to sit through, but I get that it's not entirely her fault, and I also... don't want to drag a literal toddler.

I'm ready to stan them, though!

It’s… a SEVENTEEN song. Probably the most SEVENTEEN song to ever be SEVENTEENed. I thought sub-units were supposed to be at least a little bit different from the main group?

With that said, it’s not bad and they look fucking adorable. Love these three.
The accuracy ddd. The video is super cute, they obviously all sound great, and I had a good ass time! Definitely not my favorite though. Lunch AND 7PM are better songs, but this is a great little package from my literal top 3 SVT members.
WayV is doing a fan meeting tour around Asia…
Apparently because of China-Taiwan diplomatic tensions, Yangyang can’t get a visa to enter mainland China, so the Chinese unit just won’t go to China…
They’ve announced shows in the Philippines and Thailand though…