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This is why I adore you.

In fairness to you, that’s probably because most of the boy discussion ends up taking place in the Underrated Boy thread except for like … NCT and other big big groups, so I see where maybe that misconception could maybe be if you are only cherry picking a few songs and getting assaulted with each pick ddd.
Adore you too my babe, and you’re right-going to follow @Glitterizer ’s advice and look through their rate!

Yes please @ohnostalgia the more the merrier, and yes that’s right! I’ve legit been floored by the recs I’ve been sent so far, really keen to hear more.
When the next Got the Beat unit includes NewJeans, LSRFM and fromis_ate members…


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@clowezra my first instinct is to recommend NCT 127 b-sides. There’s a trio of songs at the end of the Sticker album that give me variations of the vibes on Best Friend Forever. My personal favourite is Promise You, but Road Trip and Dreamer are worth a try. I also highly second the recommendation to listen to the Superhuman EP.

Of course there’s Polaroid Love by Enhypen, but I suspect you may know of that song since it had a little viral moment early in 2022. If you don’t, definitely check it out. I also highly recommend anything from Eric Nam’s last album There and Back Again. I’m especially partial to One Way Lover, but the whole thing is great. Ghost9 had a really cute EP called “NOW:when we are in love” a few years ago. Another song that I adored a little while back was Moonshot by N.Flying. And I think I’ll close with one of my favourite boy group songs of the last three years, Highlight’s “Not the End.” Apologies if you already know most of these recommendations, I can hunt for more if that’s the case.

If we were to get idols from other subsidiaries in SperM and GOT the Beat, the idol we need is obviously Billlie’s Tsuki…
Come to think of it, HYBE could also probably put together a super group consisting of YG trainees…
HYBE could also probably buy YG too (they even have a stake in so called "YG Plus" already and certain relations).

But I mean, group of YG trainees?
Seoyeon, Moon Sua, who are others?