K-Pop (General Discussion)

Is Chung Ha not renewing her contract really a good thing? I mean, I guess it's good for her if it's what she decided to do, but she got to release a lot of great material with her previous company and seemed to have a nice budget both for the songs and the videos. Well, hopefully she'll move on to something better rather than worse.

If it was MNH that decided to release Stay Tonight as a pre-release and Bycicle as the actual single, I would walk away too.
Ay-Yo doesn’t hold a candle to Sticker, Favorite, or 2 Baddies.
The fact an NCT repackage album track is better than anything on the GOT the Beat mini is lowkey upsetting to me for some reason (and I bet those GOT the Beat tracks probably started life as NCT demos at some point too).

RE:Chung Ha, the A&R and graphic design for the Querencia era was actually flawless so I have mixed feelings about this departure. Maybe she'll join Sunmi's company.