K-Pop (General Discussion)

Has there been another moment like Wonyoung jumping out of that fucking plane EVER though
Yeah XG’s Shooting Star is filled with them.
I'm not sure this has been posted yet, but Ruann's new Japanese girl group (which she is the center of) has debuted:

Good for her! Ironically they absolutely blew it with the chorus on "Don't Blow It" but the rest of the song is good. Hopefully she finds success this time around.
Is it just me or is K-pop going through a drought right now? We used to have several big comebacks on one day, now there's like one big release a week.

Yeah I feel this for the most part. While there are huge comebacks every now and then, I think we lack the comebacks from mid tier popularity groups. When I look back at the time I first joined the sub forum, every other day, we had cbs from acts like Dreamcatcher, WJSN, GWSN etc.

While the big groups are bigger than ever before it feels like the overtly competitive industry cannibalized almost everyone else.