K-Pop (General Discussion)

Anyone know why historically Paris has had so many Kpop shows when London didn’t?

I actually saw f(x) in 2015 when they performed in Trafalgar Square for a South Korean tourism event. It was only 4 songs though (including Amber’s solo) and just a few weeks after Sulli officially left after her long hiatus. It was incredible though! They performed a few hours before the event finished and I was lucky to get in as they had to stop to prevent overcrowding. As soon as their set finished, about 80% of the crowd left much to the horror of the presenters on stage.
The first SM TOWN in Paris was pretty legendaric. SNSD, f(x), SHINee, Super Junior when Siwon was just homophobic and hadn't come out as a Reagan and Trump stan, TVXQ... All singing to an audience of Koreaboos wearing their worst YesStyle outfits. Iconic!
Disturbingly jealous over this, couldn’t afford it and it broke my wee gay heart. TVXQ would have blown my head clean off, all of them would have teebs.