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Debut of BOYNEXTDOOR, new boy group from HYBE

Well… it’s not great ffff There’s no way the team thinks people want to hear this in 2023.
First comeback fighting!!

With that said, I’m not sure this is “the” title track and the others pre-releases? I think all 3 will be promoted, like NewJeans (and the previous two are much better).
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Random Canadian tour news, Kwon EunBi is coming to Ottawa
Thanks for the tip, just bought my train ticket!

Their Japanese material is so good! I think this might be one of their best songs for me. Something about it is giving me Girls Aloud or Rachel Stevens album track. Sounds very mid 00s British pop to me somehow?
I had no intention of listening to this track but you honestly could not have sold it anymore strongly than you did with this review. It's great.
With Twice and I’ve’s new Japanese releases I was reminded of when MVs for the Japanese videos would only be available in 1 minute clips on YouTube. What was that about?
Most Japanese singles would have CD+DVD or CD+Blu-Ray formats that would outsell the single CD by a lot, so if they show you the full music video, why would you buy the CD+DVD? IVE's Wave still has these formats, but I think Japan finally realised that making their content inaccessible is only to the detriment of the growth of J-Pop so they've eased up this decade.
The whole album sounds amazing? Attitude, In The Mirror, Prom Night, Bring It On, and What I Want in particular are giving everything! The whole package is giving me shades of OH MY GIRL!'s last album in that it isn't a group I regularly follow but the album is going to be 10 smashes and there will be nothing I can do about it!