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I must admit that I am also confused by the 17-18 year contract thing. What was known from the first round of lawsuits in 2014-15 was that EXO signed 7 year contracts plus another 3 years for overseas activities. This matches Lay leaving last year after ten years. I don’t know how these extra years were added unless it’s something specific to CBX having another overseas contract for their Japanese activities? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

As for the new SM boy group, I bet that gets pushed up now as a distraction.
I realize this would only apply to Baekhyun, but could it also be related to any contracts he signed in regards to SuperM???
Chris Lee and Tak Young-jun were too busy scheming with Kakao to pull the rug out from under Uncle Grandpa and forgot that Mr. Interpol's Most Wanted made a pact with the Ancient Evil in the lost epoch. What goes around is about to come back around tenfold for tweedlelee and tweedletak. LSM may have lost the battle with his HYBE manoeuvre, but they're about to learn the hard way that this house of cards collapses without the bolster of dark magicks. Go against SooManie, it's gon' cost ya!

SM's response (somewhat)

(The first part is honestly a little ridiculous. If they want a copy of their OWN settlement, of their OWN money - they should be allowed one, regardless of what their intentions are or what use they have in mind for it....what the hell? That just screams "We're trying to hide something sketchy in the finances")
Wait what is this drama with EXO? I’m so confused and of course it happens shortly after I’ve become a really big fan of the group. Their music is just soooo good! The harmonies, the catchy choruses, the vocals, production. Everything is usually so fantastic!

Yes at new SHINEE tho! Also a fantastic group I’ve discovered thanks to this forum. Are both bands signed to SM?
Wait what is this drama with EXO?
7 out of 9 members renewed their contract with SM in 2022, Lay and another undisclosed member didn't reach an agreement with SM. Apparently they were on a 10 year contract instead of the industry standard 7 years, which came into practice thanks to the original "slave contract" and subsequent court case SM had with 3 members of boygroup TVXQ.

So by the looks of it Baekhyun, Chen & Xiumin (EXO-CBX) have been trying to access their settlement history since March 2023 over missing income which SM has not been allowing them to acquire. SM believes that another record label BigPlanetMade has essentially gone behind their backs to try and poach CBX and sign another contract to dissolve CBX's with SM. By the looks of it SM is trying to sign EXO up to another 7 year contract, rather than the usual 3 years that other artists in the industry would receive once they complete their initial contracts. So CBX want to dissolve the contract due to unpaid income & unfair renewal contract expectations, from what I can understand.
And now it seems the CBX members are continuing with the music video filming for EXO's comeback... what a crazy situation! I can't imagine how everyone involved is feeling at the moment...

Including Kai? And how exactly will they manage that? I fear they are talking out of their asses...

EDIT: Ok I think that is just allkpop making shit up cause they say 7 members including Kai, when that would be 8.