K-Pop (General Discussion)


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The SHINee song is pretty basic but I’m just happy to hear from them in so long, so I’ll take it.

I know I‘m several days late to the discussion, but I really enjoyed the new fromis_9 single. Still need to listen to the album, but I’m definitely more excited to do so now.
Le Sserafim performing one of the best songs ever with the legend herself.


Thanks for the tip, just bought my train ticket!

Tonight was the night! I made my way to the nation’s capital to take in K-Fest, in honour of Canada and Korea being besties for 60 years (hags, the both of them). Kingdom performed first, and like… yeah, they performed! Luckily they closed their set with the only song of theirs I truly love, which was a nice surprise.

But then… Eunbi. Ma’am, that is a woman. She’s a fabulously well-rounded performer, and I was shook at how full-bodied her tone is, especially when she uses her chest voice. Her backup dancers really knew how to bust a move, but there were a couple girls in particular that seemed to captivate the audience. I know I speak for everyone when I say we all felt the warm, pillowy embrace of an angel tonight.