K-Pop (General Discussion)

They debuted the 13 yr old, I honestly don't know anymore.
well... CLASS:Y served severely so let's at least hear them out.

Slice of Life

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Wait, VCHA or whatever has already released a single?? Not sure if it counts as K-Pop though but let’s give them clout for now.

The song is kind of a bop…. but why does it sound too Kidz Bop-y? This is not what I expected from an American girl group. And to think JYP himself produced this song….. he’s flopping.
I've always thought JYP was right on the mark when he tried to sell Wonder Girls to the Disney/Nickelodeon crowd. It's easier to capture a loyal fanbase while they're young, now he just has performers in the right age range for it.

Song's cute. Cirkut's really dipping his toes into more K-Pop this year.