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If that’s a mean tweet, then this is about to be a mean post…
Supposedly the girls are in talks to extend Kep1er’s active period and I’m just like…why???
This is speculation on my part, but I'd say it's the same reason why IZ*ONE had their contracts cut short: the level of success. Not only did IZ*ONE have several hits by their final year, the members were also well known individually and even the MNET rigging scandal helped get the group's name on the news all the time. In Kep1er's case, I don't see their companies rushing to debut the girls in different groups or as soloists since the group didn't have the same level of impact. As someone else has already mentioned on this thread, IZ*ONE also had girls from bigger/older companies (Pledis, Woolim, Starship) while Kep1er's girls came from mostly smaller/newer companies, so that may be why they have little plans for the girls' futures.
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Did one of the BVNDIT girls join TripleS or am I making that up???


Girl, take a holiday for the love of GOD…

Nn this makes me think of the time when there was a user back in (I think) 2017, who sneered at SNSD and called them "Grannies' Generation". The girls were in their mid-to-late-twenties...

This new girl group would surely make him immediately combust.
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Uhhhhh! this is really NICE! Is the whole thing out?