K-Pop (General Discussion)

GODS is actually nice, the problem it's not on brand NewJeans, that's all.
They did a good job on a song that's total opposite of their soundscape though.

It's cute! I'd say this is one of their weaker title tracks, but considering they've never released one that's less than good imo that's not saying much. The album is also much better than I anticipated, the highlight medley did not do it justice. Dam Dam Di Ram is great... but Arrival might be one of their best songs yet. My god, if y'all loved The Realist then you need to listen to it.

I love this group so fucking much.
New NewJeans!!

Min Heejin's first flop...... me and my friends were wondering what NewJeans' first game collab would be a few months ago, we figured it'd be Fortnite since that seemed like relatively uncharted territory and wayyyy more flexible than whatever League could offer. Also a little more in character.

League definitely uses the same in-house producers for every song they put out, shit all sounds the same, like Imagine Dragons demo tracks. And NewJeans strength is in their bespoke production tbh, there's no point putting them on a track that could be for anyone!