K-Pop (General Discussion)

As a 2NE1 fan it really feels like history is repeating itself with YG. I guess the stakes are different with Blackpink being one of the biggest pop groups globally now though. Poor BabyMonster!
I... what? How in the world did these news elude me? How was I not tagged immediately? I know I've been at arm's length from K-Pop for a bit, but it seems important enough for me to have found out about one way or another. pYG is in JAIL? I'm having extra spicy tteokkochi tonight in 2NE1's honor, omfg.

They just gagged his ass 6 months in a cell which hopefully he will be sharing with his sons (BIGBANG members) and then one year probation.

I don’t get YG at all. You have arguably the biggest girl group in the world right now and you desperately want to keep them so you can not release music?

Maybe he doesn't have all the members though. Don't forget what he did to CL when Blackpink started, he/they basically destroyed any chance she had of having a huge hit with 'All In' and her solo in general once Blackpink started, and also destroyed 2ne1 straight after Blackpink had their first success.
What are you....wait......what???!?
Lip Gloss even though similar to Delicious (in tone) was such a DOWNGRADE in comparison. Yet Delicious was paid dust and Lip Gloss was lauded. Watch It is quality The Boyz that I expect from them.

Yes I’m BITTER!!!