K-Pop (General Discussion)

Yugyeom's first full album is here!

His best release since being in GOT7. I’m jammin’!
One Spark isn’t really touching their greatest title tracks, but it feels like an improvement over Set Me Free. I still struggle with the vocal production that sounds like a wall of sound and really crunchy, sadly. But it’s pleasant.

The b-sides, however? All fantastic. Might be their best mini since Feel Special, wow. I love Rush, Bloom & You Get Me. New New is also gorgeous but has a few rough parts. Sad that Rush & You Get Me are so short cause they’re both highlights.
NMIXX is really the current best girl group from JYP. The international implications that, that has.

Rush and New, New are cute however.
I hadn’t checked how stable ITZY are at living signing?! I know they’re not the most demanding tracks vocally, but wow those dance practices with live singing are truly impressive. Miss Chaeryeong is specially stable.

Commendable for JYP to get their groups to work on their craft, as I know NMIXX are even better.