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Am I just failing with reading comprehension because of my school assignments, or does anyone else find this schedule super confusing? They're going to release all the tracks in April but the album isn't coming out until June? Is that what I'm seeing here?

Yeah it makes no damn sense.
Besides the rest of the mess, I personally will never get used the month-day-year format the US and Korea use.
Please adopt day-month-year and step out of the dark ages.
As a USian who worked HR in an industry that hires a lot of foreign-born workers, you have NO IDEA how many clerical issues this causes us, and yet still we refuse…
Anyway, the discourse a Seunghan-free SIREN is about to cause might get people killed…
I’m really bored of this early 2000s American pop sound everyone is doing. Bring back the 80s or tropical pop, anything is better than this.
RIIZE stans are in shambles over Seunghan not being on Siren but the song is doing well on streaming…
It’s always a little bit funny to me when fans are frothing lunatics and the general public doesn’t care at all…



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oh wow, I’m surprised to see Onew move label too. Wasn’t he on hiatus due to his health?

Yes, he’s been on hiatus since last June. I feel like he may still be taking time for his health, but decided it was okay for Griffin Entertainment to release the news since some Shawols were worried he had decided to retire from solo work after the news broke about him and Taemin leaving SM (excluding their group contract for SHINee).

I know better than anyone to assume that a person’s physical appearance can tell a whole story about their health, but it’s encouraging to see him looking far less tired and run down then he did in the days leading up to the release of HARD.