K-Pop (General Discussion)

This is going to get really messy.

To be clear I am not taking any sides here but this response is just dumb as hell dhfjdkdkd. Also oddly very personal and pointed? @Glitterizer and @ohnostalgia saying it's giving Stan Twitter is kinda true actually. Like it's just missing the nail polish emoji at the end there. It's funny but I thought the same thing when ADOR released their statement regarding 'Cookie' sexualizing the minors from NewJeans. It didn't feel very... professional either?

Also, why is the focus (regarding the accusations) on NewJeans' management rights when genuinely I don't think anyone specifically cared or was outraged by that part of the rumors? From what I could gather on social medias, the outrage is mostly about how Min Heejin supposedly (if reports are true) leaked private information about HYBE (minor) trainees to other industry executives? Is ADOR not going to refute those accusations at all? They're pretty serious, if true...

Messy messy messy all around.
I don’t think using FIFTY FITY as an example is a childish thing. If you think about it, it isn’t unlikely that HYBE saw how the general public sided with the label on their case and thought that they could accuse Min Heejin of something similar and get the same results. But the public actually cares for NewJeans so it’s not that easy to dismiss Min Heejin as a power hungry ungrateful person.