K-Pop (General Discussion)

I just wanted Jeongyeon solo. Why can’t we(I) have nice things. Whyyyyy ?

Sorry to be the one to tell you this <3
My main concern is NewJeans may have to go by a new name and get blocked from music shows if they could indeed break free from HYBE. I'd say when even the girls' parents came out to talk shit about the CEO, the public opinion is on Min Heejin's side.
This is wild. Who knows what other chart manipulation he's been getting away with all these years.
I think it's pretty obvious that any company using album sales/MV views for media play (so...basically every big company) has been at it to some extent. And, assuming MHJ/Ador engaged in little-to-no chart manipulation, it's made a lot of these labels look silly because while NewJeans, who were undeniably hot shit from the get-go, were selling a relatively modest 300K copies first week on debut, their 4th gen peers were selling in excess of double that. I think that's why we've seen sales drop off for pretty much every group this year, because the math just wasn't mathing. Their sales have been completely disproportionate to their domestic and international popularity. I mean, NMIXX, who could barely fill the Inkigayo car park, selling 1 million copies first week before TWICE, who are selling out stadiums all over the world... come on.

I've seen "the K-pop bubble has finally burst" being bandied about, and I just don't really buy that; it's as ubiquitous as it's ever been. It seems to me like these companies are just fudging their numbers way less, and these lower album sales across the board are probably more representative of what they're actually shifting. But there's no doubt HYBE have been big offenders these last few years and I hope that crazy lady keeps talking her shit. If she's going down I hope she takes his Mr. Potato Head looking ass with her!