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This sounds fucking massive
XG lashings... yeah i was sad when I heard this was gonna be a full rap track, pretty much checked out at that point, anticipating their next release though which will likely be more in line with Shooting Star and Puppet Show.

Kinda need Simon to realise that pushing the rap angle this hard is doing too much, like I get it, XG are actually very good at rapping as far as delivery, flow and comfort are concerned and definitely have that over their peers - but he's basically having them do Black cosplay at this point and its hurting my spirit. Why is there a bar about the 48 laws of power pls...

ANYWAY. Please support my girls through this troubling time right up to their next album which will likely be a hit, thank you <3

And then there's that insane [bad] feature of Yves's title track... we should all be very scared.
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The WOKE UP video is striking even if it isn’t their best video, and it’s their first song sing SHOOTING STAR/LEFT RIGHT not to sound like Blackpink cosplay, so I’m choosing to celebrate that…


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I guess it's good, but i doubt i'll listen to it much. I want more Shooting Star and Left Right's, personally.

It's impressive how for every good song they release a couple that are completely ass.

I'm not feeling the music video either because while some of it is super cool, it's just... great gowns beautiful gowns with a (big) sprinkle of cultural appropriation. Paraphrasing @aux, girl you're from Japan.