K-Pop (General Discussion)

I kind of forgot that ‘How Sweet’ was also a #ad so I found that a bit jarring. I can’t lie, I’m a bit over how much brand collaboration they have. I do love the song though and the scene in the video of them dancing in front of the train crossing is everything.


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Where do people buy K-Pop albums from these days? I need that CD player Aespa album.

So the bad news is that they limited this version to South Korean addresses and it’s already sold out. Your best bet is scouring online resellers in July after they ship out, but be prepared to pay double unless SM restocks (which as a person who almost exclusively buys SM albums, I would say is pretty unlikely).


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I know I'm biased but these are some of the most beautiful teasers ever in kpop.

Like look at this


The music video is giving sci-fi horror and it's soooo going to be their best ever.

Honestly, being a fan of aespa has been so fucking rewarding and the album is not even out yet! I love talented girls with an incredibly creative and competent team behind them! God bless SM 3.0 and the center system!