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Also….. nawt tripleS quietly slaying the charts??????

The Antichrist Jaden Jeong wins yet again FFFFFFF!!

All this artificial intelligence thing works in aespa's favor. The MV is impeccable.
The song is kinda unconventional for aespa but also we know there girlies like to take new routes in their music and it still contains the essence of what aespa is. Currently listening the album, Armageddon is impressing btw.
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Armageddon is a MOMENT – feels like the ultimate culmination of their concept. Perfect title track, an INSANE video...no one can be indifferent to anything they do after this. They had a rough start but now I feel like they are truly confident with the concept, able to take it to crazy heights like this one. I love seeing them in those alien Rick Owens clothes! A certain music company must be feeling a lot of things watching this...

Title track is a perfect combination of SM switch ups, but with the right amount of glue between the parts so that it's not jarring like some of their past releases. The melody changes are literally fucking crazy!!! It's such an exciting song – a perfect companion to Supernova! And I love the song names they chose!!! Everything ties to their concept!!!!

The only weak spot is the album itself – tracks like Live My Life, Prologue and Long Chat don't fit aespa's hyper sound, making the album feel unbalanced and highlighting how boring some of the more aggressive songs are. Come on SM A&R!!! This is their first album: concept has to matter even more! I always will love eclectic groups, so it's not necessarily a bad thing to put some off-concept things here and there, but I do wonder why they don't lean more into rave/techno/acid moments (like Yeppi Yeppi) to balance the hard hitting sounds of their hyper concept.