K-Pop (General Discussion)

Nah, not even close to be honest.

Supernova has 574 Real All Kills / 171 Perfect All Kills and Ditto had 1,574 real all kills and 655 Perfect All Kills. What Ditto did was insane.
I don’t think we’ll ever see another Ditto in our lifetime, but to Supernova’s credit, it did release at a MUCH busier time of year than Ditto did…
Ditto dropped in late December and didn’t have any major heavy hitters to compete with until IVE dropped Kitsch in March…
Supernova has had to compete with releases from ZICO and Jennie, IVE, NewJeans, all Korean GP darlings…
Love her or hate her, you have to give Ditto her flowers, but I think most of this forum would have scoffed if you suggested a year ago (or even 2 months ago) that aespa would block some of the heaviest hitters from getting a number one song in 2024…
14 new songs is INSANE


8 of these being BEPs tracks!!!!!! Cazzi Opeia on Gummy Bear, 3 Unit songs!! Guess I’m a born-again Swithstian.
Things are a bit dry, aren’t they?
Personally, i don't think so. I've been loving a lot of kpop lately. The ARTMS album is amazing and one of the most cohesive records i've ever heard in the genre. The aespa album is really strong. The tripleS album is great like they always are. The Bubble Gum/How Sweet singles are great, but yeah the Nayeon album is one of the best this year.

New NewJeans!