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lenker55 said:
Can we as a group descend on Seoul? We can call ourselves K-Popjustice and harrass cheer on our favourite stars?

We can also feed some of the girls, sort out Jung Ah's hair, take away Hyuna's skin whitener and (maybe) her contacts, organise concerts in Europe/North and South America etc.

I'll take care of helping Taeyang with his abs English.

Can we go Hawaii first and kidnap Bekah and brainwash her to rejoin After School?
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Everyone meet in L.A. We'll pick up Taeyang, then stop in Hawaii to kidnap Bekah, then make our way to Seoul. (May have to stop in Japan to pick up Kara/SHINee. Onew is my future husband and I can't leave him unattended.)
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Ceir said:
Everyone meet in L.A. We'll pick up Taeyang, then stop in Hawaii to kidnap Bekah, then make our way to Seoul. (May have to stop in Japan to pick up Kara/SHINee. Onew is my future husband and I can't leave him unattended.)

This sounds like the best road-trip EVER.
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YES! Bekah is totally coming back with us! We'll have to pick up some other stars in Japan like T-ara (I want to show them my Bo Peep moves).

I'm not sure if anyone is bothered about bringing the Wonder Girls with us? They seem happy wandering around random events..
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The Wonder Girls will be hitchiking, but we'll drive right past them.

You wouldn't want the Wonder Girl's with you, anyways, they are actually vampires/ energy sucking aliens. You wonder why Hyuna left because she was 'sick'? Hyuna was merely a host for the Wonder Girls to steal energy/blood from. That's why she's so pale nowadays. This is also why the next girl left after her. They signed up Lim as their new victim as they were running out of human energy for the Negaverse. Just look at this picture, they are dying without it!


They are hoping to snatch the energy from Lim soon.

Sorry, I've been watching too much Sailor Moon, or have had a bit too much to drink. haha
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Drawing in that much human energy can have adverse side effects. Look at Sohee's vocal ability.
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The rapper and the two that can sing (aka the hot ones) need to get out ASAP. We all know all this energy sucking is just feeding JYP's ego.

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big bang said:
I was just fantasizing about Cier's plan and then I had that fucking picture thrust upon my poor eyes!

The harsh reality of KPop. Slave contracts, crazy diets... and transparent pants.
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Thank you for that! INFINITE are flawless. Honestly, their mini albums put some of the bigger boy groups and even girl groups, if we are talking general quality, to shame.

And I love JYP and his horrible plastic see through pants. And vampires/ energy sucking aliens or not, the Wonder Girls will always get a ride from me for giving us So Hot!

And big bang, I stand by the perfection of Kim Hyun Joong but Taeyang is perfect as well!
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Infinite have a show now?? Will be watching!

And if it's not been said in this thread before, let me say now that INFINITE's debut mini is one of the best K-Pop mini-album's of all time.




Their second mini wasn't as good in my opinion but still, they're miles ahead of most of the K-Pop boy groups. I hope we get a comeback by them sometime this year. A full album would be wonderful.
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Though, speaking of good K-Pop boy groups, here are MBLAQ G.O and Seungho's teaser pics for their upcoming mini:

G.O as James Dean:

Seungho as 'Papillon':
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I really love Seungho's picture. Him and Thunder have always been my favorites in the group. The concept is interesting which is nice, hopefully the songs are great!

And I agree with 3Xs on this. Everyone needs to listen to INFINITE's first mini album First Invasion! Let's just watch She's Back again and remember summer 2010. Evolution is great though and Insprit has Nothing's Over and Shot which are great.
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^Nothing's Over and Shot were both solid additions to that mini album, now that I think about it. Those two + Hysterie and BFD are all great.
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*Bathes in First Invasion appreciation* And this needs to be their year! There's been far too much InK-popjustice where they're concerned.

MBLAQ would be perfect without Mir, he really annoys me *grabs axe* but I cannot wait for this comeback, Cry and Stay are flawless!
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Infinite just has such quality music. It's a SHAME they have never won anything. Great music and they can dance! They should have placed first for the scorpion dance alone.

And everything I say about Infinite can be said about Dalmatian except the dancing, Infinite has them beat, Teen Top is great though as well. Great boy group debuts in 2010. And for some reason I'm not really feeling Mir either! I don't even have a good reason, haha!