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All of f(x)'s medley was lip-synced too.

The wet stage was not a good idea.
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It had to be totally lip synched, way too much pussy and ass popping for it not to be. I love her tanned skin.

Am I the only one that enjoyed 4minute's Mirror Mirror? I love the song and all the
Iive performances.
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AAARGH! Just when I decide to move back to Asia, to Shanghai, I hear word of K-Pop coming to Europe!
Maybe Taeyang might release a new album in the next 6 months and I can fly to Seoul and spazz out - Who's coming?
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Gaon's half year charts are up, allkpop cover the album one (where boybands with crazy fan bases win w/ low numbers) and the combined digital. Here's the actual downloads chart, though:

1. Kim Bum Soo - Please (I Am a Singer) -- 2,314,723
2. f(x) - Danger - 2,213,276
3. CN BLUE - Intuition - 2,142,555
4. Park Bom - Don't Cry - 2,101,958
5. 2NE1 - Lonely - 2,052,911
6. K-Will - My Heart Is Beating - 1,986,592
7. 4Minute - Mirror Mirror - 1,902,559
8. Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle - 1,901,305
9. Sistar19 - Ma Boy - 1,878,291
10. Big Bang - Love Song 1,799,806

Other fan favorites.

11. Big Bang Tonight 1,791,081
13. Bangkok City - 1,693,577
20. Rainbow - To Me - 1,456,098
23. After School - Shampoo - 1,392,130
92. Jay Park - Abandoned 677,858

I'm not sure Gaon's album charts are all that.. they've got a list of distributors whom they count albums of, and it's not complete at all. I've wondered before why some artists seem to have decent hits and normally should chart with albums, but don't.

Jay Park's album is not among the 100 best-selling of the year? Of course it is. And I've actually searched up his profile at Gaon, where the latest album is not to be found at all. It's released by Sidus Entertainment. Meanwhile his previous physical released by Warner is there, more or less confirming my suspicions.

Bottom line: Gaon is a comprehensive digital chart, not physical sales.
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^I've been wondering about their albums chart too because I found it weird that they don't post numbers for albums sold, only the ranking.

So I guess Gaon is reliable for singles but not for (physical) albums? Where the hell do we even get that info then??

*This* week's singles chart is looking pretty good though. 2NE1 climbs to #1, T-ara debuts at #2, and Rainbow scores another top 10 hit with Sweet Dream: http://www.gaonchart.co.kr/main/section/online/download/list.gaon
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I don't know. Before Gaon we used to get album numbers from Hanteo, but they were only counting certain stores, so the numbers were useless (but perhaps counting all sales in those stores, regardless of distributors..? Can't remember).

My head's spinning.

Happy for Rainbow, though. And, um... Maroon 5 in the top 15?

Oh and 'I Am The Best's numbers this week have to be among the highest weekly numbers of the year - 735,518.
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It's London for the Cube show not Paris... Not that Cube explicitly confirmed anything, but if you check that link I posted it looks like London or nothing.
I booked my flight to London for that November weekend hoping for the best.

Hyuna's choreographer needs an award now. So many views on youtube...
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Even though I've seen BEAST live already I need to see them again so they need to come back to California after Europe! Glad fans in other places get to see Cube artists though. KiKi, Ki Kwang, is even hotter in person. He is the best looking K-Pop Idol ever.

big bang said:
16 seconds of Taeyang with The Underdogs http://youtu.be/OlYxNu7BRKM He looks so short! haha

I think you mean he looks so good, haha! I'm even shorter than Taeyang though so I understand how being by someone who is tall can make you look even shorter than you are, haha.
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I hate double posting but I saw this on Tumblr and I'm guessing it is the cover. Hope the music is amazing.

sikker said:
Hyuna's choreographer needs an award now. So many views on youtube...

I know. In 6 days it almost has more views than Heart to Heart!
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MBLAQ's new mini keeps getting kookier and kookier by the day. I sure hope the music is good!
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One of my friends texted me, wanting to know more about Hyuna. Apparently she was on the front page of Youtube yesterday.

I think "Change" (one of live performances) might have made him pass out.
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That cover looks great! Hello Seungho. Just edit Mir out and you have a good cover! I have no idea what to expect though *Prays for male Midnight Circus*