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Why must they ruin my Taeyang illusion by putting him in the real world! Tiny Taeyang..

I saw a picture on Flickr like 2 years ago, from an album of a tall model. There was a picture of Taeyang with him and you could see the top of the chair he was standing on.

I'm gonna erase these images from my mind.
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big bang said:
And it's the moment you've all been waiting for, Jang Woo Hyuk's new MV for Weekend Night is out http://youtu.be/4-dwjqtaX64 The production is amazing but he ruins it with his autotuned voice.

The video is good and the song is okay. Is he releasing just a single or a mini album?

And this is really the moment I have been waiting for. He just took it off. King of K-Pop, this is the year of KHJ, Break Down is the release of the year, etc., etc.


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Pen Expers said:
13. Bangkok City - 1,693,577
20. Rainbow - To Me - 1,456,098
23. After School - Shampoo - 1,392,130

Orange Caramel sold more than After School. Hahaha.

And Girls' Day is up there now aren't they. They might win a #1 before the year ends maybe.
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Resi12 said:
It hasn't been an interesting day in K-Pop has it?

To make up for this i've decided to find a few "first win" video's of a few groups:






Brown Eyed Girls (aw Jea)

Big Bang


After School



CN Blue

SECRET (isn't that Eunji and Sera from Nine Muse's being MC?)


FT Island


I can't find KARA, Wonder Girls, Suju, Miss A or 2PM's first win's anywhere they've been pulled, I hate SBS sometimes.


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I'm loving HyunA's Bubble Pop and Attention now! The latter should have been a full song!
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This is really strange, but I never really liked Shampoo by After School. Then, about an hour ago it came on my itunes, I was like "this is a pretty cool song." I have been listening to it on repeatfor the past hour. A little late, I know, but better late than never. I officially love it.


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I love you for loving Shampoo, but I love you more because of your avatar!
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kpopfan26 said:
Resi12 said:
It hasn't been an interesting day in K-Pop has it?
To make up for this i've decided to find a few "first win" video's of a few groups:

Thanks for compiling those. It's kind of funny to even see some of the boybands crying as much as the girls. Seems like a huge weight drops off their shoulders once they win.
Is a win a win or is there some kind of order, like a win at Music Bank is more prestigious than a win at Inkigayo? Does anyone know?

Also, I love watching videos of K-Pop mistakes (as long as they don't look too painful) and in this video I can't place the girlband. I don't think I've ever heard the song and none of the members look familiar. Also, the dance routine is pretty frantic, haha.
Who are they?

Last but not least, I think I may like the new ZE:A song. Usually I'd prefer if if the boys leave the cutesy stuff to the girls, and I do think it would be even better in the hands of a girlband, but there's something so fun, careless about the song that I can't help but like it.
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Yeah I like it and you're pretty spot-on with that description. Feels like a low-key song, so I'm not sure it will blow up or anything, but it's nice. Glad they didn't just give them some schloppy ballad because they're old news.
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The new CSJH song reminded me of f(x) too. I think it'll take a couple of listens for me to truly appreciate the song as I find it a bit too weak right now, but it has some good bits here and there so I'll probably end up liking it.
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The routine looked hard and energetic but their vocals still sounded pretty great. Impressive performance. Dana's scream is my favourite part of the song.