K-Pop (General Discussion)

3Xs said:
New promo shot too!! (I think)


Gyuri in red!

They all look too amazing. If one of them was blonde it would be epic.. but alas...

I really hope I like it.. because I know I won't end up liking their Japanese album if it's anything like their last two singles *shudders*
Haha! He really does.

And if anyone was wondering Big Bang are on another holiday...So I'm pretty much living off Taeyang's rare English Twitter updates...
@Realtaeyang TAEYANG
Now i'm listening JoJo - 'Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better) Dope song..
*Cries whilst listening to Marvin's Room and cradling Solar CD waiting for news*

@Realtaeyang TAEYANG
Helpless and hopeless that's how i feel in side.. nothing's real, but all is possible.. If god is on my side .. MJ - speechless

*Cries whilst listening to Speechless and cradling Solar CD waiting for news*
You have to be fluent in Korean as well, sadly.

Anyway, Dream High 2 may be JYP and SM produced. I hope so. Just as long as Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun are still there I'll be happy.
^That looks potentially good! Interested to see the full.

And congrats to BoA on 11 years! I wonder if we're gonna get any new music this year.
So the first teaser had gay lovers, the second had smoking, and that one has swearing and violence. This could be the best Korean release this year haha
Why do I get the feeling that the teasers are going to be better than the actual finished product?

Oh well, I'll enjoy them anyway.
He / Him
Love that teaser, the little head dance thing at the end was cute. I really like these guys... (and not just for the homoerotic thing they have going on!)
KARA's going to be raking in those $$$

Girl group KARA will be traveling to France to prepare for the launch of their very own perfume!

Management agency DSP Media stated, “A perfume in their name is planned for a December release, and so KARA will be going to France on August 29th to see to production matters.”

KARA is said to be working directly with perfumers to create their fragrance. The group is under tight time constraints, as their new album ‘STEP‘ is also waiting in the wings to be released early next month.

Such fabulous girls. I want to smell it.