♬♬ K-Pop Producer Spotlight Rate : #1 & #2 (LIKE A FINALE) ♬♬

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  • SM Producer Rate (Yoo Young-jin, Kenzie, Hitchhiker)

    Votes: 4 28.6%
  • Shinsadong TIger / Black Eyed Pilseung Rate

    Votes: 12 85.7%
  • Caucasian / Scandinavian Producer Rate

    Votes: 3 21.4%

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IZ*One - Fiesta
#3 @soratami

Elris / ALICE - Midnight, Moonlight

#5 @thommyh , #10 @ysev

SISTAR - I Swear


VIXX - Scentist

#4 @nikkysan

WJSN - New Me

#4 @Slice of Life

This is my rate and my rules. Here are the 6 songs that I decide to save and give a chance.

Kim Areum - Diving
Hmm I should've left this as open submission. I thought Kim Areum will be underrated and then here we are with 3 songs already dd. Not mad tho, Diving is such an amazing song that deserves more recognition.

Golden Child - Spell

"Use me, use me, use me" Yes please.

Drippin - Nostalgia

I really want more boy group representation and I think this is a good pick. This debut is stellar idc idc.

Soya - Artist
Nugu soloist excellence, get into it.

The Boyz - Clover
It will be weird that all of the groups in my opening rate poster has been represented except The Boyz.

And our last song to enter this rate....

April - Take My Hand
I can't trust any of you Little Bullies ! This masterpiece need to be here !

We must say goodbye to LOONA - Playback , Lovelyz - Candy Jelly Love and IU - Sleeping Prince. I will honor them in future posts to keep this thread alive during voting period.

As for the voting, it is officially opened and I will accepting your ballots until 23th December 2022. The rules, songlists and playlists have been updated in front page. Happy listening and voting !

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