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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Attis, Oct 4, 2022.

  1. My game is crashing mid-game and I'm mad. Let's just open this rate, shall we ?


    K-pop is such a fascinating phenomenon. For an industry that's very open that visual is their main selling point, music industry as the vehicle of K-pop idols are evolving faster and faster. Starting from Sweetune & Yoo Young-Jin to Brave Brothers & Shinsadong Tiger, now there are many musical talents working behind the K-pop scenes, trying to find the perfect recipe for pop music while also injecting their own personalities into it.

    So why e.one, Full8loom & 1Piece ? What's so special of them ?

    Well, if you have been witnessing me in this pink prison, I'm a big advocate for synth-y, upbeat bright songs (usually regarded as "magical girl pop") and these three producers can be regarded as the pioneer for it. Almost all of them starts to shine in 2014-2016.

    e.one, consists of Jung Ho-Hyun and Choi Hyun-Joon, is more experienced with bigger catalogue and have worked with many girlgroups such as Gfriend, WJSN and later IZ*One. They usually have strong penchant for 4/4 disco beats and dramatic strings.

    Full8loom, consists of Jinli, Glory Face, yuka, Harry, Bang Geonu, Ju-0 and Jake K (who has left in 2019 and now part of another brilliant production team, ARTiffect). In girl groups, they found their muse on WJSN and has been praised for the trilogy. They're probably the most idiosyncratic out of this list, and then to be more noisy and experimental on their composition.

    1Piece, consists of music veteran Yoon Sang and two indietronica musicians Davink and Spacecowboy, found their muse on Lovelyz. They're considerably less diverse, but if you're big fan of sentimentality you will love them. The strong bittersweet feels in the melody which may be attributed to the co-founder Yoon Sang, a legend in 90s era with jazzy and hazy balladry.

    But fear not boygroup stans who read this. They also have been working with several boy groups like GOT7, Drippin, VIXX, Golden Child, The Boyz and even Stray Kids so don't be scared away to exploring their discographies !

    It's time for us to rate, shine a spotlight and celebrate these talents that has shaped our favorite groups and make our little K-pop scene diverse and beautiful as ever.

    Welcome to K-pop Producer Spotlight Rate : e.one / Full8loom / 1Piece !
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  2. [​IMG]

    Just like Monotree : The Popjustice Rate (credits to ms @Wills), we will also do submission-based for this rate. We will curate and pick 66 songs out of these producer's catalogue.

    Here's the process will be :
    • This is open for anyone !
    • PM me a list of up to 10 eligible songs you would like to see included. Eligibility will be explained below.
    • This list should be numbered in order of preference – #1 will be the most prioritized and #10 is the least prioritized.
    • You can change your nomination ballot as many times as you'd like, right up until the deadline.
    • The ballot will be randomized after the deadline so there won't be any advantage on faster submitter hehe.
    • The #1 and #2 on your ballot will be automatically selected, but if it's already picked I will pick #3 and so on.
    • After that, the rest of the songs will be judged by their total points, total submitter and positions.
    HOWEVER, I think me as a host should have some privileges. So here are my 6 picks that is guaranteed a spot on the rate :

    Soya - Artist
    Kim Areum - Diving

    The Boyz - Clover
    Golden Child - Spell
    Drippin - Nostalgia
    April - Take My Hand

    As for the eligibility rules :
    • I have created a Spotify playlist, Apple Music playlist (credits to @Wills once again hehe) and also a comprehensive lists of songs in Spoiler below, that you can explore and pick easily. THIS IS NOT FULL REPRESENTATION OF THEIR CATALOGUE, so you may also find other songs outside this list.

      April - April Story
      April - Lovesick
      April - The Blue Bird
      April - Doll
      April - You.zip
      April - Take My Hand
      April - Tinkerbell
      April - Jelly
      IZ*One - Merry Go Round
      IZ*One - Mise-en-scene
      IZ*One - Sequence
      IZ*One - Fiesta
      IZ*One - Violeta
      IZ*One - Parallel Universe
      Lovelyz - Close To You
      Lovelyz - Daydream
      Lovelyz - Memories
      Kep1er - MVSK
      WJSN - Miracle
      WJSN - Secret
      WJSN - Renaissance
      WJSN - Hurry Up
      WJSN - I-Yah
      WJSN - Memories
      WJSN - Bebe
      WJSN - Prince
      WJSN - WW
      Twice - Say Something
      Twice - You In My Heart
      Twice - Turtle
      Twice - Rewind
      Gfriend - Luv Star
      Gfriend - Sunshine
      Gfriend - Gone With The Wind
      Gfriend - Crush
      Gfriend - Paradise
      Gfriend - Here We Are
      Gfriend - Tarot Cards
      Kwon Eun Bi - Door
      Kwon Eun Bi - Rain
      9Muses - Love City
      9Muses - Hate Me
      9Muses - Hurt Locker
      9Muses - A
      9Muses - September 17th
      9Muses - AM 3:00
      9Muses - Play Me Now
      KARA - Cupid
      Apink - Push & Pull
      Apink - Like !
      Wonder Girls - I Feel You
      Rainbow - Click !
      Laboum - Ding Dong
      ARIAZ - Ouch
      ARIAZ - Moonlight Aria
      ARIAZ - Drama
      Wanna One - Wanna
      Wanna One - Day by Day
      Wanna One - Flowerbomb
      Wanna One - One's Place
      Wanna One - Awake!
      GOT7 - Good
      EXO - Lucky
      The Boyz - Clover
      X1 - Like Always
      2PM - Perfume
      Dongkiz - Blockbuster
      GHOST9 - Starvoy
      JO1 - Design
      JO1 - Real
      Sonamoo - I (Knew It)

      WJSN - Dreams Come True
      WJSN - I Wish
      WJSN - Save Me, Save You
      WJSN - La La Love
      WJSN - You, You, You
      WJSN - Luckitty-cat
      WJSN - Pantomime
      WJSN - Our Garden
      WJSN - New Me
      WJSN - You Got
      WJSN - Let Me In
      WJSN - My Type
      WJSN - Last Dance
      Lovelyz - Secret Garden
      Lovelyz - Sweet Luv
      Apink - Kok Kok
      Apink - Yummy
      IZ*One - Open Your Eyes
      IZ*One - D-D-Dance
      Elris - Focus
      Elris - Midnight, Moonlight
      Weki Meki - Neverland
      Weki Meki - My World
      Weki Meki - Dear
      Weki Meki - Iron Boy
      Weki Meki - Color Me
      Lightsum - You, Jam
      AleXa - Summer Breeze
      Chungha - Masquerade
      GOT7 - Lullaby
      Golden Child - Don't Run Away
      Golden Child - Knocking On My Door
      Drippin - Nostalgia
      Drippin - Remember
      Stray Kids - Boxer
      Stray Kids - Pacemaker
      Verivery - Beautiful-x
      Kep1er - Up!
      VIXX - Scentist
      VIXX - After Dark
      Astro - You Smile
      Astro - Because It's You
      JO1 - Touch!
      JO1 - Stay
      Twice - The Best Thing I Ever Did
      Produce 48 - I AM
      Momoland - Orgel
      Momoland - Lovesick

      Lovelyz - Goodbye Chapter 1
      Lovelyz - Ah-Choo
      Lovelyz - Destiny
      Lovelyz - Heart (Handle With Care)
      Lovelyz - WoW!
      Lovelyz - Now, We
      Lovelyz - Knock Knock
      Lovelyz - Bookmark
      Lovelyz - Getaway
      Lovelyz - Circle
      Lovelyz - Take Me Somewhere
      Lovelyz - Lost N Found
      Lovelyz - When We Were Us (Beautiful Days)
      Lovelyz - Triangle
      Suzy - Les Preferences
      Uhm Jung Hwa - Dreamer
      EXO-CBX - Crush U
      Gfriend - It's You
    • It's eligible if only one member of the team appears in the credits (For example : Lovelyz - Lost N Found is eligible despite only being produced by Spacecowboy)
    • If the contribution was lyrics only, the song is ineligible. We stick to producing and composing only, bestie.
    • If you found another song that isn't on the playlist, please also write the credits and the source so it's easier to verified.
    And that's all, if you have any questions feel free to ask here. Also because this month is pretty busy, I will give you all almost a month for submitting the ballot !

    Submission Deadline : Oct 31th at 11:59PM in your Timezone.

    • Rate all 66 songs on a scale of 0 to 10. Decimals are only allowed for .25/.5/.75. I don't go to school for math.
    • You can give a 11 to one favorite song in this rate and a 0 to one song that disturbs your life.
    • Don't be an a*shole , if your average score is lower than 6.5 I will make you reconsider the score.
    • Commentary is allowed. I don't want to be too restrictive, but you must sent commentaries for your 11 and songs that you rate lower than 4. We need explanations for your behavior.
    • PM your ballot to me @Attis. Please use the template that I've provided in spoiler below !
    • The deadline is December 23th 2022 on most latest timezone ! Pleek send it on time so you can celebrate holidays freely bestie.

      9Muses - Hurt Locker - score(commentary)
      9Muses - Love City - score(commentary)
      APRIL - April Story - score(commentary)
      APRIL - Doll - score(commentary)
      APRIL - Lovesick - score(commentary)
      APRIL - Take My Hand - score(commentary)
      APRIL - The Blue Bird - score(commentary)
      APRIL - Tinkerbell - score(commentary)
      Ariaz - Moonlight Aria - score(commentary)
      Chung Ha - Masquerade - score(commentary)
      DIA (BCHS) - LO_OK - score(commentary)
      Dongkiz - Blockbuster - score(commentary)
      Drippin - Nostalgia - score(commentary)
      ELRIS - Focus - score(commentary)
      Elris - Midnight, Moonlight - score(commentary)
      Favorite - Heart Signal - score(commentary)
      Gfriend - Here We Are - score(commentary)
      Gfriend - It's You - score(commentary)
      Golden Child - Spell - score(commentary)
      Golden Child – Knocking On My Door - score(commentary)
      GOT7 - Lullaby - score(commentary)
      gugudan - Diary - score(commentary)
      Infinite - Begin Again - score(commentary)
      IZ*One - D-D-Dance - score(commentary)
      IZ*One - Fiesta - score(commentary)
      IZ*One - Merry Go Round - score(commentary)
      IZ*One - Mise en Scene - score(commentary)
      IZ*One - Sequence - score(commentary)
      IZ*One - Violeta - score(commentary)
      JO1 - Design - score(commentary)
      KARA - Cupid - score(commentary)
      Kep1er - MVSK - score(commentary)
      Kep1er - Up! - score(commentary)
      Kim Areum - Diving - score(commentary)
      Kim Areum - Drive - score(commentary)
      Kim Areum - Midnight - score(commentary)
      Kim Areum - Your Summer - score(commentary)
      Kwon Eunbi - Magnetic - score(commentary)
      LIGHTSUM - You, jam - score(commentary)
      Lovelyz - Ah-Choo - score(commentary)
      Lovelyz - Close To You - score(commentary)
      Lovelyz - Daydream - score(commentary)
      Lovelyz - Destiny - score(commentary)
      Lovelyz - Getaway - score(commentary)
      Lovelyz - Goodbye Chapter 1 - score(commentary)
      Lovelyz - Secret Garden - score(commentary)
      Lovelyz - Sweet Luv - score(commentary)
      Momoland - Orgel - score(commentary)
      SISTAR - I Swear - score(commentary)
      SONAMOO - I (knew it) - score(commentary)
      Soya - Artist - score(commentary)
      Sunny Girls - Taxi - score(commentary)
      The Boyz - Clover - score(commentary)
      TWICE - Turtle - score(commentary)
      Uhm Jung Hwa - Dreamer - score(commentary)
      VIXX - Scentist - score(commentary)
      Weki Meki - Iron Boy - score(commentary)
      WJSN - Dreams Come True - score(commentary)
      WJSN - I-yah - score(commentary)
      WJSN - Luckitty-cat - score(commentary)
      WJSN - Memories - score(commentary)
      WJSN - New Me - score(commentary)
      WJSN - Save Me, Save You - score(commentary)
      WJSN - Secret - score(commentary)
      WJSN - You, You, You - score(commentary)
      Wonder Girls - I Feel You - score(commentary)
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  3. [​IMG]

    9Muses - Hurt Locker
    9Muses - Love City
    APRIL - April Story
    APRIL - Doll
    APRIL - Lovesick
    APRIL - Take My Hand
    APRIL - The Blue Bird
    APRIL - Tinkerbell
    Ariaz - Moonlight Aria
    Chung Ha - Masquerade
    DIA (BCHS) - LO_OK
    Dongkiz - Blockbuster
    Drippin - Nostalgia
    ELRIS - Focus
    Elris - Midnight, Moonlight
    Favorite - Heart Signal
    Gfriend - Here We Are
    Gfriend - It's You
    Golden Child - Spell
    Golden Child – Knocking On My Door
    GOT7 - Lullaby
    gugudan - Diary
    Infinite - Begin Again
    IZ*One - D-D-Dance
    IZ*One - Fiesta
    IZ*One - Merry Go Round
    IZ*One - Mise en Scene
    IZ*One - Sequence
    IZ*One - Violeta
    JO1 - Design
    KARA - Cupid
    Kep1er - MVSK
    Kep1er - Up!
    Kim Areum - Diving
    Kim Areum - Drive
    Kim Areum - Midnight
    Kim Areum - Your Summer
    Kwon Eunbi - Magnetic
    LIGHTSUM - You, jam
    Lovelyz - Ah-Choo
    Lovelyz - Close To You
    Lovelyz - Daydream
    Lovelyz - Destiny
    Lovelyz - Getaway
    Lovelyz - Goodbye Chapter 1
    Lovelyz - Secret Garden
    Lovelyz - Sweet Luv
    Momoland - Orgel
    SISTAR - I Swear
    SONAMOO - I (knew it)
    Soya - Artist
    Sunny Girls - Taxi
    The Boyz - Clover
    TWICE - Turtle
    Uhm Jung Hwa - Dreamer
    VIXX - Scentist
    Weki Meki - Iron Boy
    WJSN - Dreams Come True
    WJSN - I-yah
    WJSN - Luckitty-cat
    WJSN - Memories
    WJSN - New Me
    WJSN - Save Me, Save You
    WJSN - Secret
    WJSN - You, You, You
    Wonder Girls - I Feel You

    Youtube playlist
    Spotify playlist (missing Sunny Girls - Taxi)​
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  4. You can post now !

    As for the Spotify playlist, pleek wait I forgot to update it fff

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  5. Hmm what's this? The best rate of all time?


    I'll probably have to submit a few boygroup songs... you know, for texture ミ☆
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  6. Full8loom





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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    OOF I didn't know if I was gonna do this or not but then I do want justice for Sweet Luv......
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  8. Super excited for this rate, these are truly some of my all time fav producers!!! A rate with NO BAD songs.........already shaking at the thought of that possibility...

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  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    @Wills told me that he won’t be visiting the forum for a while and that he is giving me the power to choose his 10 songs for him. Everybody say thank you @Wills!! We love you, charitable legend!!
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  10. PROVIDED they come from the list of 12 songs I’m sending you to choose from, unnie! You keep forgetting that part!
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  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I thought I banned this heauxxxxxx
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  12. Winner
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  13. I would like to see you send another Kim Areum / Spacecowboy songs bestie


    Also update we have a ballot ! FYI to all of you, it can still be changed until the deadline.
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  14. Can I send 10
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  15. Sure but make it sure it's all produced by Spacecowboy


    (prob mix it with some songs from idk...Lovelyz and WJSN pleek dd)
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  16. Count me in bestie! So many good songs here.
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  17. I was just thinking, do we really need almost a whole month just for submissions? I mean, fair enough if it's more convenient that way for whatever reason, but it's not like making a list of your ten favourite songs and submitting it is particularly time consuming. It was just one week in the MonoTree rate.
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  18. Now tell that to still only 2 ballots sitting in my spreadsheet dd.

    I'm giving more time because I think these 3 producers, despite adored, needs a bit more exploring compared to more notorious Monotree. I also want to give a chance to potential submitter, for example @enjoy reach out to me that they only want to vote. By giving a month, now they can explore the music a bit more to submit something.

    Also to give me a rest time ff I'm still retaliating from hosting slashers game and now joining another slasher game.

    Take it slow, maybe you can find a new discovery .

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