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The second one....

Another disbanded group...

Composed by : 1PIECE
Arranged by : 1PIECE
#53 - #46 - #36

BOP : Me @FunkyButChic @ysev @Slice of Life @Wills (10)
FLOP : @nikkysan (6) @Remorque @soratami (7)
PICKED BY : @FunkyButChic (#4), @Wills (#7)

Oh boy, now where are the girls who proud themselves as true pure pop enjoyer ? I don't see you walking children in nature in the top scorer !

Sigh, I can't explain enough the greatness of Ah-Choo with my limited musical lexicons. First of all, SYNTHS. SO MUCH SYNTHS. The synth works from 1Piece is still one of the best in pop scene these years, not even CHVRCHES or Saint Etienne can touch this. And then the chorus, absolutely glorious in all of its romance cheesiness. But hey isn't that how love works ? A bursting feelings that you just want to scream out loud just like they did in that final chorus ? That's the beauty of Ah-Choo ladies and gentleman, look how they actually craft the song to sounds just like its lyrical theme.

Ah-Choo still has some tricks upon their sleeve, from the super haunting piano that sounds like it's taken directly from ABBA song, to that greatest bridge in K-pop history. The way it just quietly slowing down, before launching the ultimate drama of it all. Paired with dark brooding electric bass, Kei and Jiae delivers one of the most bittersweet eulogy to their one-sided love. God I'm truly a melodramatic bitch.

....this comment from @codecat : "Kinda the most flop Lovelyz title track for me oop" is Obliviate. Yes next question.

@Wills wishes for more disease : "The sneeze heard around the world – now if only it'd started a pandemic of similarly-incredible music. Instead we got future bass" honestly I'm with you until that last part ff we're having bigger enemy to fight rather than future bass methinks.

Somebody is losing their 11 in next elimination. Better start praying !

The way the vocal melody sits on top of those chunky 80s synths and slap bass... and I already said this in the Lovelyz rate but the piano breakdown into that pseudo-acapella serve before the final chorus...

I don't fuck with this subforum energy and taste lately, but I must still continue this rate

You think only one of you losing a 11, hmm ?

Composed by : e.one
Arranged by : e.one
#15 - #42 - #36

BOP : @FunkyButChic @junglefish (11) Me @Wills @codecat (10)
FLOP : @Crisp X @nikkysan @Remorque @soratami (7)
PICKED BY : @Wills (#3), @FunkyButChic @junglefish (#8)

Bullying queens lose again. It's so funny looking at the MV now, knowing what's happening behind the scene.

Anyway, Tinkerbell is a masterpiece and y'all sucks. Is it an extreme case of infantilization of young girls ? Sure. Is it a bop, a banger, a slapper ? Absolutely. Tinkerbell sounds like if Katy Perry - California Gurls is amplified, remastered, remodeled, enhanced to the max with combination of disco strings, aegyo machine and stabbing beats. The energy is charged and fun continuously from the beginning till the end without any unnecessary rap part or slowing down bridge to disrupt it. The melody is tight and ultimately packed with many great hooks and elements, particularly that soaring chorus. Like damn if you don't have any fun singing that chorus, I'm afraid your rotted soul can't be salvaged anymore.

@Wills brings back memory : "Sawori promises no peace for anyone who gives this less than full marks. She always makes good on her promises." Come to think of it, I believed Sawori was the actual iljin leader of that group, tsk tsk what a snake.

@codecat get bald not by their age : "Life changing wig snatching hair transplant eraser follicle burning chorus" while our 11 giver @FunkyButChic simply declares : "This is a perfect pop song. No, I will not be taking questions at this time." Oh it's law of universe, nobody can dispute that. On the other hand, other 11 submitter @junglefish said : " " Stand up, speak up !


Honestly stop tagging me because this rate is going even worse than KSOTY for me!!!

Every time I get a notification lately that's how it feels:

(Don't actually stop tagging me pleek ff)


Composed by : e.one
Arranged by : e.one
#34 - #34 - #35

BOP : Me @RUNAWAY @junglefish (10)
FLOP : @enjoy (7) @nikkysan (7.5)

Boo you whore. Super indie chanteuse Soya must leaves with her mammoth of a song, funnily titled Artist.

Artist finds e.one doing what they do best, making a song dramatique as possible. The main centerfold of Artist is of course that gargantuan chorus, I remember how gobsmacked I was when discovering this song. It's truly epic, well-sung and ambitious, complete with super anthemic production from e.one. And then the chuck in another hook "I am an artist" that is catchy and cheesy, yet still endearing. As cherry on top, they add a F*CKING ELECTRIC GUITAR SOLO straight from the 80s. Aaah that kills the fag !

I'm so glad that Artist has become a newfound discovery to some of you, though sadly she just disappears for now and never did a song as grand as this one. That's the reality of liking a nugu queen, we're truly more hipster than Pitchfork masses methinks.

Starting from @RUNAWAY who said : "WHERE DID THIS EVEN COME FROM?! This is EVERYTHING! Her powerful voice, the euphoric chorus….WOW." Yassss. @codecat thanks me : "Oh this is good!!! @Attis you slapped" yes I did that. @Crisp X is confused : "Wait who is she? This slaps!!" sldfkjdj I heard she will replace Jinni in NMIXX. Finally, @Slice of Life also said : "discovery of the rate for me" I'm so happy doing charity for Soya, hope these streams can pay her bills a bitsy.

I don't really have recommendation from her other music nn so let's enjoy this song that Artist reminds me of

Artist was a great discovery and Tinker Bell actually is a fantastic song and I severely underscored it. Apologies.

It's so funny looking at the MV now, knowing what's happening behind the scene.
Having read up on it... I still don't really understand what was going on? Ddddddd at me being clueless about some of the things that went up in kpop land.

And who the fuck is this and why are they doing it to her?

And who the fuck is this and why are they doing it to her?

That's April Hyunjoo with her other members <3

Anyway we will say goodbye

Composed by : 1Piece
Arranged by : 1Piece
#12 - #25 - #33

BOP : Me @codecat @ysev (10)
FLOP : @soratami (7) @nikkysan @Crisp X @enjoy (7.5)
PICKED BY : @codecat (#5)

To Goodbye Chapter 1. Where is the next chapter Lovelyz bestie, I'm waiting (please comeback).

One thing I love the most about Goodbye Chapter 1 is how concise and efficient the song is. It is fairly short but composed neatly, creating a song that is dynamically fun and catchy in that short time. I love the effect of call-and-response in the verse, I don't know how to describe the phenomenon but I just love how they sung after the synth stabs first. The chorus is one of their greatest, energetic yet also wistful, reminding me with their predecessor a la KARA.

Well, that's it. A short commentary seems to be a perfect match for our lovely tiny Goodbye Chapter 1. Adios.

There will be another tie in #32. Feel free to discuss.

Awwww, Goodbye Chapter 1 is lovely!! Though I guess it was the right time for it to go, as it sounds a smidge tiny between some of the behemoth songs on display.

This gif is so 2nd Gen core kii

Composed by : Gloryface (Full8loom) • Duble Sidekick
Arranged by : Gloryface (Full8loom) • Duble Sidekick
#18 - #8 - #32

BOP : Me @codecat @ysev @Slice of Life @RUNAWAY (10)
FLOP : @junglefish (5.5) @nikkysan (6.75)

Yeah this one cheats a bit because it was produced when majority of Full8loom still works with Duble Sidekick, but hey I can't let the music not bop !

I Swear is my favorite Sistar song ff. Is it original ? Of course not, it's basically another Sistar attempt to relieve their summer glory. But I Swear bring it to another level. Instead of relying on cheap trick and hook (*ahem* I'm looking at you Touch My Body), I Swear take the better aspect of their original summer song, Loving U, and enhance it to another level. The whole song is just so fast-paced and frenetic, which interestingly will show up in Full8loom works later, but still able to instill the summer-y mood through the saxophone & trumpet loops. Sistar is a vocal powerhouse and here they able to sell the hell out of song, from that opening lines to that massive ass chorus. "yaksokhae I swear" oh Lord, Hyolyn ate that up. And then she's serving little R&B cunt after the first chorus ugh. She's truly mother, you will be forever my favorite blackfishing Asian queen !

@Slice of Life feels it : "the serotonin boost this always gives me…… scientists should study it tbh" TWICE now get to work ! @codecat summarize my thoughts : "My favorite SISTAR song and YES I will get married to this one day but oof I wouldn't really consider this a Full8loom song – it's from the time Duble Sidekick worked with Glory Face before he founded Full8loom but hey, a 10 is a 10" Aww, you better pop your pussy like Hyolyn at that wedding.