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Cause I'm about to put them all away (woo!)

Composed by : Gloryface (Full8loom) •Jinri (Full8loom)
Arranged by : Gloryface (Full8loom)
#37 - #49 - #32

BOP : @codecat @thommyh @Crisp X @Slice of Life (10)
FLOP : @enjoy (4.5)
PICKED BY : @FunkyButChic (#6), @junglefish (#10)

And just like that, ELRIS / ALICE must say final farewell to our rate. In a twisted irony, Focus doesn't get any 10 from their original picks. Mess, what are you doing girls @FunkyButChic @junglefish .

I don't dislike this song, but also not particularly care about it. In one hand, it's understandable that this is probably Full8loom work under lower rate. On the other hand, it's that noticeable drop of quality that makes it hard to root between their other magnificent classics. Focus isn't bad per se, I still enjoy it. But in the face of onslaught house-influenced bangers that era provides from GWSN, WJSN, IZ*One or LOONA, Focus falls flat in comparison. The chorus is immaculate and I love how understated and sweet the girls sounds, but it's definitely can be improvised by stronger harmonies. The verses are too forgettable, even at one point the vocal part is too quiet.

@codecat stans the best part of the song : "That synth that keeps on buzzing and beeping in the last part of the chorus…..I need to be one with it" Isn't that kinda similar to the synths in KARA's Cupid ? The cross-reference between these producers is inchresting. @Wills share my point too : "girls have been so smart about pairing with the best producers out there, even if they usually end up getting their b-tier material" kii so sorry to the ALICE / ELRIS girlies for us being a bit classism here. Anyway, support their latest reinvention so they can afford a-tier material !

Wow we're almost at Top 30. Is it too fast ? Do you enjoy the pace ? Hope we can wrap this up by end of April.
Focus is great in that Spotify-lite way and it's grown to be one of my favourites actually, but it outlastic I Swear? That's just a smidge of a bridge too far dddddd.

And I agree about DANCE ON being great. That would have been a 10 for sure.
Sorry for the short hiatus, tonight we'll witness our Top 30.

Composed by : e.one
Arranged by : e.one
#27 - #35 - #31

BOP : @codecat @ysev @thommyh @junglefish (10)
FLOP : @Crisp X (7) @FunkyButChic (7.75)
PICKED BY : @ysev (#1), @codecat (#2), @enjoy (#7)

How many times e.one gonna put that muted kindergarten talk as the intro ? First in Memories, and now here in Doll.

Doll sounds like cunty-er sister to their previous single The Blue Bird. I love how the beat slaps hard and how busy the instrumental breakdown sounds. Another thing to love is that sudden lower key change at the pre-chorus, like I truly want to see what's going inside their mind e.one or whatever they're smoking to come out something as unexpectedly genius like that. Sadly, the rest of Doll elements fall flat. My main complaint is on the chorus, which is too low and dissipate the energy from the pre-chorus.

@Wills notices the trend : "Not sure why this works a bit less for me than all the other soundalikes, but a weaker take on this formula is still better than most producers will ever manage". I will leave the final words to ms @codecat who stans the hell out of it : "This is a top 3 e.one production…to think that there was once a time where this group existed…and released so many e.one MASTERPIECES…I feel like a coroner but I don’t care!!! This to me feels like the most classic e.one song – descending melodies, short, stressed syllables that are so rhythmical, a beautiful blend of strings...what more can you ask for?" Me talking about April Story tbh.

Did you know 9MUSES will coming back ? K-omeback coroner rejoices !
TOP 30

9Muses - Hurt Locker
APRIL - Take My Hand
APRIL - The Blue Bird
Ariaz - Moonlight Aria
Drippin - Nostalgia
Golden Child - Spell
GOT7 - Lullaby
IZ*One - Mise en Scene
IZ*One - Sequence
KARA - Cupid
Kep1er - MVSK
Kim Areum - Diving
Kim Areum - Midnight
Kwon Eunbi - Magnetic
Lovelyz - Close To You
Lovelyz - Daydream
Lovelyz - Destiny
Lovelyz - Getaway
Lovelyz - Secret Garden
SONAMOO - I (knew it)
Uhm Jung Hwa - Dreamer
Weki Meki - Iron Boy
WJSN - Dreams Come True
WJSN - I-yah
WJSN - Luckitty-cat
WJSN - New Me
WJSN - Save Me, Save You
WJSN - Secret
WJSN - You, You, You
Wonder Girls - I Feel You

Look at my boys, they all manage to reach Top 30 amidst ongoing misandry ! Lovelyz and WJSN still maintain their dominance, is this a case of recency bias through their own rates ? Will other groups or even soloists will win over them at the end ? Stay tuned and please speculate or wish upon a song's downfall.

Oh also I'm already planning for another rate in the future so my life has some kind of goals and I don't fall into depression too long xoxo. I've created the polls to see which one you are interested to, you can vote those or even suggest another producer-based rate you will like to see.

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Doll is nowhere near a favourite and is a bit mid in between some fantastic songs, so I think it's the right time for it to bow out just before our top 30. What a top 30 though! And the boys pulling through I can not believe it.

Did you know 9MUSES will coming back ? K-omeback coroner rejoices !

Are you for real? Which nine though?
Poor Sera, any info about our queen ? @Crisp X


This is literally how I felt listening to Renaissance and many songs in this rate.

Composed by : SPACECOWBOY • NV
Arranged by : SPACECOWBOY • NV
#31 - #18 - #28

BOP : Me @Ana Raquel @RUNAWAY (10)
FLOP : @Crisp X (7) @codecat (7.75)

Nauurrrr I love this song so much, shame on you tasteless heathens. With Diving elimination, Midnight is the only Kim Areum song left on the rate.

Diving is my favorite Kim Areum song in this rate, probably even my first gateway into Kim Areum. It's just brim with energy and full of joy. Once again, SPACECOWBOY showcases their brilliant arrangement, packing many great synth elements yet still retain that lush feeling. The chorus is probably their best one yet, it's very anthemic and catchy which also I can see idols slay this. Aah if only Lovelyz could snatch this and release it as special summer comeback or some promotable b-side, I just knew Kei and Sujeong will slay.

@Slice of Life points it out : "this is so lovelyzcore im quaking!!" Exactly bestie ! I'm glad this become a discovery for some of you, including @Wills : "Jesus, I'd lumped this girl in with the citypop crowd, but everything here is phenomenal – as lively as it is lush. Found my rate discovery!" Yasssss.

Oh yeah there is 3-way tie in the 28-30 positions if you're confused by the numbering. Also pleek vote juseyo~
I'm back from a vacation trip, sorry for the wait


Composed by : Gloryface (Full8loom) •Jinri (Full8loom) •Gonu (Full8loom) • HARRY (Full8loom)
Arranged by : Gloryface (Full8loom) •Gonu (Full8loom) • HARRY (Full8loom)
#15 - #24 - #28

BOP : Me @Remorque @Slice of Life (10)
FLOP : @FunkyButChic (6.5)

Look at that credit, damn they really put their whole Full8loomussy in this song.

Cringe name aside, DRIPPIN at their debut provides an oasis in the desert of lame boy-groups songs. With Nostalgia and the later deep house Young Blood, it looks like DRIPPIN aim for more modern, future bass influenced sound that many girl-groups like LOONA and GWSN popularizes. Or in other words, aiming to please the gays by giving everything they want and become the twink group of this generation. But alas, Woollim as incompetent as usual drop the ball and instead go for rock-ish sound which I still like, but I'm still stuck imagining how their career will be if they stick to the original sound. They won't rocking the chart probably, but at least Stan Twitter can rally behind them ? Maybe so.

Ahem but yeah Nostalgia is brilliant and everything that I wish for boy-groups : melodic without too much reliance on "rap" with cool, electrifying instrumentals. These qualities makes DRIPPIN sounds like a direct descendant to SHINee / EXO or a mirror image to other Full8loom muse, WJSN. I love how the chorus is sung in unison, making it more grand and anthemic. Also the bridge when Hyeop sing "I feel nostalgia, yeaaah~" then transitions to a stellar dance break ? Wig, I feel that !

Return your stan card @Wills : "It pains me not to give this full marks, but bias + the dance break did some serious heavy lifting to get this to a 9.5 so I'm afraid the little drips are going to have to settle". You too @Slice of Life : "Probably the best Drippin song I've heard yet JHSHSHSHDHDJDJDJ" @codecat surprisingly give them a praise : "Every time I listen to a title by these kids out of nowhere, it’s always good! This and GOT7’s Lullaby are really good examples of Full8loom nailing that big BG sound but making it sleek and sophisticated, without relying on fucking GRUNTS – love them! ALSO….Woolim are so good at picking songs" Too bad they are SUCK SO MUCH AT PROMOTING ! LEE JUNG-YEOP YOU INCOMPETENT BOOMER !

Anyway check their dance cover to the fagget anthem of the generation, Genie and see them twinks twinking.

Somebody will lose their 11 in the next song and it's a girl-groups song. Go figure.
I actually thought Nostalgia would be the boy group song to make it the furthest... Alas.

Full8loom really nail that sound each and every time.

Somebody will lose their 11 in the next song and it's a girl-groups song. Go figure.
Don't you dare.

Losing their 11 tonight is....

Composed by : Choi Hyun-joon (e.one) • Kim Seung-soo
Arranged by : Choi Hyun-joon (e.one) • Kim Seung-soo
#48 - #35 - #28

BOP : @Wills (11) @nikkysan @enjoy @Slice of Life @thommyh @junglefish (10)
FLOP : Me @ysev @soratami (7)
PICKED BY : @nikkysan (#3), @junglefish (#7)

Our dear @Wills. Damn this bitch is a stan ! I still remember how you compare this to INFINITE Back.

The thing is, I'm not that fond on Back either nn. I don't know, I just can't click with I-Yah. It has elements that I love to hear from WJSN : upbeat yet sad, melodic, usage of classical strings. Maybe it's the rhythm that just too consistent, without any playful variation ? I-Yah along with Back also felt too overwrought with drama and took it too seriously. They just don't let loose of themselves.

Look, I am a dramatic person, after all I stan April Story. However, the difference is April Story sounds like a soundtrack to classic high-school romance show, while I-Yah is a soundtrack for super bitter, family-tangled drama show that has been running for so long with many deaths and plot twists. Fellow Telenovela / Telenovela-alike show watchers like @Slice of Life would know what I mean I hope so !

@codecat simply declares : "Overrated" kii. Our 11 giver @Wills laments : "There was never really any doubt that this was going to get my top mark: one of the greatest Kpop songs of all time imo, and an absolute masterclass in continually raising the stakes". Let's link your commentary in WJSN thread for more praises :
"A lot of the best WJSN songs remind me of reading a great book: with less emphasis on individual hooks than many other groups, the appeal instead comes from the song as a whole and the journey it takes the listener on. This also rewards repeated listening, which is part of what’s made participating in this rate such a joy!

I-Yah works similarly – the build here is absolutely tremendous, with each section growing in intensity until reaching a climax that scrapes the heavens. But if this were a book, it’d be one where the author has chosen every single word with utmost care; new, memorable refrains are popping up constantly, and the melodies all lead into and out of each other with absolute precision. It’s the rare time where the whole is exactly equal to the sum of its parts – all of which are perfect.

This one didn’t take repeated listens; I loved it immediately, long before even becoming aware of whose hands were involved in making it. Now armed with that knowledge, I-Yah plays like such an obvious homage to so many of my favourite Sweetune-adjacent groups and songs, right down to aping (and one-upping!) the riff from Back. It’s a perfect encapsulation of my love for the genre, and one that’s grown with me as my hobby’s turned to obsession, and then to… pretty much my entire personality.

A glimmering centrepiece to their discography, the ultimate title-track-that-never-was, and one of the finest pop songs ever crafted.

Back has been recommended in I-Yah previous elimination, so let's hear the better I-Yah instead xoxo

Next elimination will be another boy-group song. Will it be GOT7 or Golden Child that finish as the boy winner ?

Slice of Life

Staff member
However, the difference is April Story sounds like a soundtrack to classic high-school romance show, while I-Yah is a soundtrack for super bitter, family-tangled drama show that has been running for so long with many deaths and plot twists. Fellow Telenovela / Telenovela-alike show watchers like @Slice of Life would know what I mean I hope so !
HAHSHSJSKWKSKWK agreed. But that’s also the reason why I love I-Yah very much, kii!!
I-Yah is great, but I have to admit it's never really been on my radar... Probably because it wasn't released as a title track ddddd. Lemme quickly fix that!